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Life update · 1:39am Sunday

Well gang, after a busy busy few weeks at work with the change of ownership, doing all the HR stuff again, shuffling inventory around and all that jazz, I haven’t had any time to do writing cause I’m just too tired when I get home in the evening. All of this is about to come to a head with classes starting next week so our lines will be out the door all week as students come to get their books and supplies. It’s unlikely I’ll have any time to write this week either. Things should settle down

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pic by Vanilla Mocha, linked from Deviantart

This is Amyhorn! She's very playful and her special talent is using her magic to give her singing voice harmonic layering as if it was being carried on the wind.

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Homer in Equestria, sorry I should have been more specific lol

Hey Whini, thought I'd let you know I updated, I'd love to see what you think if that's not too obvious a request :twilightsheepish:

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