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Your friendly neighborhood snuggle dragon! :heart:

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New Lords of Harmony ch and friend writes a Tempest returns home story! · 11:26pm January 10th

Just what the title says! My epic, The Lords of Harmony, is now updated with Act 2 ch 5, "The Hoofsteps of Doom, Part 2," wherein Twilight and company delve deeper into the Dread Frontier searching for the dark, crystalline substance called midnium.

TThe Lords of Harmony
When Luna goes missing during the Nightmare Night festival, a mysterious enemy emerges, wielding a terrible power that nopony knows anything about.
Whinifree · 109k words  ·  120  6 · 1.7k views

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Me as a kirin!

Pic by Rainbow Survivor


pic by Vanilla Mocha, linked from Deviantart

This is Amyhorn! She's very playful and her special talent is using her magic to give her singing voice harmonic layering as if it was being carried on the wind.

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Thank you for the fave.

:pinkiegasp:!! Holy carp how did I miss that?!

Congrats on getting 200 followers! :heart:

Okie dokie! Take your time with Lords of Harmony because there’s plenty more to come. I’m almost don’t with the second Act/book and it’s at least 3 Acts/books. :rainbowkiss: And of course feedback if you want to give. :twistnerd:

Yes indeed mf ship with Tempest! Much obliged! I be sure to read your story with Tempest as well. :twilightsmile:

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