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A archive of books within the Library of Canterlot. Stories are all welcomed however be sure to place them in the right folders. Come in I'm sure the library has what you want. Just be sure to return the books by weeks end. If you do not well the library could always use a new statue.


No trolling or hate. and no, eh.

Place the stories in which folder best describe it.


The Harmonists

The History

Off Topic

Eden Campus

The Anything Group

The Equestrian Writers Guild

The Group of Light

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Comment posted by Julia deleted Aug 3rd, 2015

396273 Hi! Welcome to the group :)
Congratulations! You've made a new group. Its placement in New Groups was secured.

You need to fix your folder names. You spelled "History", "Legends", and "Heroes" wrong.

395908 Wait, is this a glitch? It says I'm one of the owners of this group... Did you choose me?

Comment posted by Mega NewWays97 deleted Aug 6th, 2015
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