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Do you think all of these ponies (and many others) are fantastic? I don't mean on an equal level—after all, everybody has favorites. But what's the point in throwing a tempter tantrum because one or two of the ponies gets more attention than the others? This is a group for those who love writing about cartoon horses, regardless of which ones you think are best.

Even Spike.

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Is that an Animal Farm reference?

402853 i just found this group after so long and that literally was the first thing i said/sang only with Everypony's are Awesome being the words instead:rainbowlaugh:

408497 it's been that way since that bad joke started

I've also notice the CMC don't have a folder? What's with that?

Since when has AJ been a background pony? That is one thing that really irks me, people calling her a background pony.

Best group. 10/10

Everyone must join.


I love G1 and G3. They've both got their charms, and I even based an OC off of North Star.

I was just wondering when someone would catch that. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm the one who made the banner, btw. Yay me.

Lovin that you put Poesy in the banner.


Who knows? All that matters is they're all awesome on an absolute scale.

But are some ponies more awesome than others?

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