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Hello fellow bronies and Pegasisters! Welcome to Romantic Ponies. This is a group made for spacificly romance stories. If you write romances and would like to post, then please read the following...

1) all stories added must have some sort of romance.
2) a story can be added to a limit of TWO different folders. If you have multiple main ships in a story, then talk with me.
3) any ship is welcome, and there is no questions about it.
4) put your stories in the right folder. I didn't make a bunch of them for nothing.
5) all fic are welcome as long as they are romance (refer to rule 1) and are approved by fimfiction. This rule applys to song song fics, one shots, ect.
6) I will allow clop, but as long as it is kept in the proper folder. I will make one folder for ALL clop fics. If there are heated scenes in your fic, but no actual sex scenes, then you may place them in the shipping folders.
7) NO FIGHTS!!! If I come across any verbal harassment in any comments, forms, or you are reported, then you may be banned from the group. Please no over dramatics though, you will need proof.

Thank you for joining romantic ponies. If you have any questions of any sorts, don't hesitate to ask. Just simply PM me, and you I will answer. As long as you follow the rules, we can all have a peaceful group. Til' next time!:heart:

Your friend- Zhane0220

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P.S Fluttercord/dicoshy is mine!

Hello fellow bronies and pegusisters. I am the creator of this group I am a jr. high girl with to much time at home. My name is Sassy, I would rather spent time reading and writing or in this case typing on the computer than playing games. I thought that I was the only pegusister that was over 10. but obviously I was wrong. Of course I play sports and stuff, but story telling is my passion. Please feel free to write and read what ever you want that is on this sight. Please introduce your selves, and your favorite couple!

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