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That Season Finale, Tho. (No Spoilers.) · 2:23am October 11th

Sooo.... I watched Shadow Play parts 1 and 2. And it's not a bad, though I definitely liked the previous finale better. This one felt a bit rushed, like they had a really epic idea but not enough time to do it justice. On the plus side, it does provide tons and tons of new lore.

But that's also the problem. You see...

Well, this video pretty much sums up my reaction:

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Aw, that's nice and also mildly anticlimactic. Thanks.

Thank you. You are a kind and beautiful soul. I admire you.


I suspect this is a trap, but fine. I "pull your finger" metaphorically speaking.

I was speaking figuratively. Pull my metaphorical finger.


...You are a face on someone's ass. You don't have a finger.

  • Viewing 178 - 182 of 182
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