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Mistakes were made. · 4:34pm Nov 10th, 2018

Familiarity chapter 11 keeps causing problems. I sat down the day before yesterday with the goal of pushing it a bit further to completion, and when I looked everything over I realized I'd made a terrible mistake in the planning.

See, my brain is sorta geared towards creating plot at the expense of minor yet kinda important stuff like, say, knowing which day of the week it is or how many meals one would normally eat in a day.

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Nah, that ain't me. I'm no quitter, and I don't really care about numbers.

For me, it's just tragedy and anxiety and mental health issues getting in the way of doing what I know is right.

You didn't see the perfect bar and think "well, that's enough Fimfiction"?

Well... that's a weird coincidence, I guess? :rainbowderp:

Like, I swear I didn't do that on purpose.


Well, see, back when the bookshelves where first introduced, I was sorta skeptical about them since I have always had issues dealing with change and accepting new things. While debating the subject this other guy defended the bookshelves arguing that it made everything less subjective and easier to understand since you could categorize stories based on specific criteria.

I didn't disagree with that, per se, but it did give me - ever the contrarian - an idea: If I was going to use this system, I may as well make it as vague and byzantine as possible.

There is a system to it all, a method to the madness if you will. (Though to be honest I only barely remember what some of them are supposed to mean due to having been largely inactive for a while now.) What I can say is that you shouldn't think of them as categories as much as achievements. You know, like the ones you get in video games? Basically if a story achieves a certain thing, possess a given feature or just has a certain effect on me, I put it in the corresponding bookshelf. As such, any given story can be placed in multiple shelves as long as it qualifies for each of them.

  • Viewing 235 - 239 of 239
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