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Familiarity status update. · 5:41pm March 10th

Well, I finished publishing act 1 of Familiarity, but I'm now out of chapters so continuing the previous update schedule is currently impossible. As such I've put the story on hiatus for now. I still don't know how much of act 2 I will bother to write before I continue. Ideally I would like to complete a decent number of chapters and continue like I have so far, but if the writing progress takes too long I will probably just make sporadic updates.

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You haven't seen disgusting until your browse the Undertale porn on e621. :trollestia:


That is disgustingly adorable.

If I wasn’t the man I was, then I’d kiss you just like this:


Nice asriel dreemmur pic

That’s fine! I believe in you. :twilightsmile:

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