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Mistakes were made. · 4:34pm Nov 10th, 2018

Familiarity chapter 11 keeps causing problems. I sat down the day before yesterday with the goal of pushing it a bit further to completion, and when I looked everything over I realized I'd made a terrible mistake in the planning.

See, my brain is sorta geared towards creating plot at the expense of minor yet kinda important stuff like, say, knowing which day of the week it is or how many meals one would normally eat in a day.

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Score of 5, no psychopathic tendencies.

(Unless I'm lying in order to further your misguided trust me, of course.)

Turns out I'm not a psychopath. I'm kind of disappointed, actually.

I'm not terribly surprised. You are kind of a unique character around here, but "superficially charming" and "callously manipulative" are not traits I've ever associated with you.

2793715 Maybe too much of something is always bad. Being a psychopath is probably on a spectrum.

Hmm, found a test

Turns out I'm not a psychopath. I'm kind of disappointed, actually.


Milder psychopatic tendencies can make you successful in management positions, though I don't know about "good." But people with actual antisocial disorders? Yeah, I dunno. Those guys tend towards substance abuse, bad social skills, impulsive behavior, poor judgement, can't really form meaningful relationships, easily get in trouble with the law, and are generally poorly adapted to function in society.

And I don't fight my emotions. I either control them or focus them into something productive. I'm not even sure what "fighting ones emotions" is supposed to mean.

2793660 I hear psychopaths make the best managers.

What you achieve by extra effort of fighting your emotions, psychopaths can do naturally and effortlessly.

  • Viewing 224 - 228 of 228
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