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Elric of Melnipony

Ask your doctor about DERPIPONE(TM)!

Stuff I wrote that resembles the old user bio box

Zaphod Elric's just this guy, you know?

The name comes from this other guy.

I'm an admin with several groups, I'm sometimes available for editing, and I just generally try to help people around here (when I'm not busy being a smartass or distracted by what passes for a life). I edit together group banners sometimes, if that sort of thing interests you, and I've made a number of group icons. I also started the new Twist group and run it with the help of Arcum42 and some backup admins. More recently, I found myself with a fan group on my hands, and I've got a thread in it for collecting my pony captions.

Stories you should maybe think about reading


Still a Mess, Still Not Dead · 4:48pm Apr 22nd, 2017

I hold my hands in front of me
To block my line of sight
It seems my eyes are getting tired
Of staring at the light
The more I see, the more I feel
The less I want to know
If you think too much, you'll blow your mind
You might just lose control
And scream

-- Seven Nations, "Scream"

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I remember seeing you all around the site before. I hope everything is going well with you!

2253928 I agree! Thank you for becoming my first follower, Elric!

Thanks for the follow! It means a lot coming from a knowledgeable author such as yourself.

You know, Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Double Diamond, and Party Favor really should appear in another episode. I mean, the whole town had to totally change how they run things when Starlight left. It seems to me like they might need help soon enough, and it'd be a natural area for a Starlight episode to revisit.

It's just a pity we aren't that likely to see Professor Snapepony again, since he was just in a story. Though it'd be funny if it turned out that one of Twilight's former teachers looked and acted just like him, and that's who she was basing him on!

--Sweetie Belle

2151940 I keep think of Sugar Belle as "Sugar Glider," and then feeling guilty because I'm not trying to ship them.

It's a Sugar Glider!


Specifically, it's a Sugar Glider staying with Lauren Faust at the moment, as the picture is from her twitter.

--Sweetie Belle

I feel like I should be able to tell what sort of animal that is, but my brain's recognition routines are failing me. A marsupial of some sort, perhaps?

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