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They say that some relics of the past were never meant to be found.

Here, the "relics" are stories and tales of the most bizarre and severe nature, and the temple of the ancient deity Ogaudno is a place where they are kept, cherished, and worshiped in His name. If you've never been taught of His wisdom and courage (including the tale where He wrestled a wild zork with his bare hands and survived), then your teacher was likely not paid enough to teach you such things and/or was an pussy. Thankfully, knowledge of His teachings are not required to visit here, nor are they even recommended. Your eyes and/or ears will probably catch fire if you tried to learn, anyway.

If you ever encounter a story that makes you cry "No!" to it, yourself, the author's face, and/or to the heavens themselves, think of His sanctuary and induct it here, for us true believers of His ways to enjoy. Remember, we are here not to decry or condemn such works, but to read, suffer, and enjoy. For it is through such trial that we can achieve true enlightenment.

Praise Snarg!

[[Note: This group is still under construction; appropriate folders will be added in time. This group is meant to be a receptacle for fanfiction of generally low-quality, but apart from that, there is no criteria for stories. Simply add whatever fic you would like into the appropriate folder.]]

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Ogaudno, aka oh god no.

Ooooh....I wanna help.

Praise Snarg. :trollestia:

I know I'm jumping on a bandwagon here but I simply could not resist.

It's... beautiful

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