You've found a group dedicated to what most users on this site absolutely hate and despise! However, If you are here because you have written something that fits the title of this group or are looking for something nonsensical and stupid, welcome!


NOTE:Do not add stories that are not yours! Be respectful of your fellow authors and let them do what they want to do with their own work. If you have added another user's story to this group without their approval, remove it immediately!

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I know. I love what I do.

Wow. Just wow.
You are the worst kind of troll.
Scum like you is why the internet is such a toxic place

Because you got upset.

Yet you care enough to add my stories to this shit group.

I couldn't care less.

Maybe you should accept that your a asshole and a cunt bro. Never said it was the best story out there, I've read way better then mine. But the fact it's on here WITHOUT my permission is what annoys me. As well as smartasses like you.

Maybe you are just going to have to accept that your story is stupid and horrible.

My story has still not been removed even though I've said weeks ago it was added without my permission. PLEASE REMOVE IT FROM THIS GROUP! I don't appreciate it being here.

My story Crash Course in Harmony was added to this group without my written permission and I want it removed from this group immediately.
I tried my best with what I was giving when making the first chapter of that story and seeing it added to a group like this without my permission is a slap in the face.
To whoever put my story here, I hope you have a real crappy day in the near future.

Comment posted by annonymus deleted Sep 27th, 2018

I'd like to point out that my story, "The Rope in the Closet", is in this group without my approval.

I read your rules and I must say, I am pleased to see that groups like this exist that do not just allow anyone to add anyone's work, only their own.

379164 ...... that's what I thought

377858 Hi everypony, THIS GROUP IS AWESOME! (IN A NERDY WAY!)



just... hello every one. :pinkiesad2: I join for... *shrugs* why not. my fics are horrible... and *sip from my coffee.* why wouldn't I.
just... just hi everyone.
seriously... Hello.

YAY THIS GROUP IS JUST LIKE US!!!!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

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