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"To the everlasting glory of those few mares blessed and sanctified in the curses and execrations of those many whose praise is eternal damnation." I'll typeset your story in ConTeXt if you ask.

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Reddit Reposting, Episode 8: Pony Names · 8:25pm Aug 1st, 2022

2022 Meta (+opportunity to shape next week’s post)

Today we have a short bonus post before I take my hiatus. It may be closer to a two-week hiatus, as the next post in the series will require some high-effort rewriting. In fact, since it relies on about 40–50 video embeds, it’ll be a Fimfiction exclusive.

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Sounds like the case of very inconvenient Trixie!

(I'm really tired right now so let me know if you need me to explain the joke I will if you do I don't know what parts of the fandom meme and shit cuz stuff you're aware of or not

I'm 90% sure I have a hater who downvotes every comment they see of mine, presumably because I'm an insufferable communist but also possibly just because I write really horrible My Little Pony fanfiction. it's really fucking dumb like I'm not even mad I'm more just like get a life dude

Pretty stuck. What would probably work well is reading one of Mark Danielewski’s shorter books and then just writing out the scenes that are most crystallized in my mind.

Scenes ready-to-write
  • Prologues (for both sides)
  • Bon-Bon’s journal (summary of the first half of Trixie’s side)
  • Honestly, most of Twilight’s side is fairly planned out. The complications are pretty much all on Trixie’s side and resolving those complications may mean that Twilight’s side needs to be restructured yet again.

Trixie’s side has proven resistant to coalescing into a coherent story. I had hoped the graphs would help here. However,

Progress on the story graph
  1. I got my story Grapher to work! So far, so good.
  2. I entered the tentpole events of the megaproject. It still works.
  3. Wait, I need to code an admin interface to edit these files with consistency. Instead of fancy TSVs, sqlite may be the future. Big F in the chat. Now I need to bust out Django or learn Phoenix so I can use their admin tools generator.
  4. It kind of got stuck there.
Other story ideas & stubs

Pretty much everything on this list can be completed if I can dedicate an afternoon each to actually sit down and write (and not code or read or think about writing another one of these or browse Reddit)

  • Finish Rarity Does Canterlot
  • A Spitfire/Rarity short series.
  • A Halloween story inspired by The 50-Year Sword
  • A Pinkie Pie short (humorous horror) story
  • A rarepair oneshot
  • A couple of pokémon fics (there’s only one at the moment that has my attention)

I guess I’m a true /r/writing devotee: talking so much about writing that I have no time left to write.

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Who downvoted our discussion on fonts?

how goes the graph theory and time travel?

Thank you for following me - I'll try and earn it as best I can! :twilightsmile:

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