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Struggling to actually write.


Fleeting Light/Glimmer of Hope/Pray, Hope and Wander Finale - Planning
Sliders crossover (A Hop, Skip, and a... Slide?) - Mulling over
Power Ponies Origin Story (Selfless) - Considering
Fluttershy Vampire Story (Blue Sunny Day) - Writing

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Starlight Fixes "Over a Barrel" · 8:51pm August 5th

I'm not sure how many of my followers have overlap with others joining in on it, but I decide to try my comedic muscles for the Starlight Fixes Everything group. I was given Over a Barrel for my first entry and after a few drafts I settled on how I wanted to do it.

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Really enjoyed your horror stories.


People remember that story?

Yes, I started writing that, but never really got farther than the first chapter. I still have the idea floating around, but I haven't done anything with it in forever.

Are you the same Flashgen named here as the author of a story titled Horn Envy? Is that story dead?

Comment posted by Fisher28000000 deleted May 3rd
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