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Luna sees a terrifying sight destroy her beautiful night sky, only for it to suddenly vanish. Then, a voice begins whispering in her ear, saying things she had always thought but never spoken.

Written as a gift for Zontan, as part of an anthology titled The Dark Between the Stars. Other stories from this anthology can be found here.

Big thanks to Snow Quill for the cover art.

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One thousand years ago, the Ancient Ones arrived. To each of their progeny they came seeking submission, and came to rule through peace or through blood. The Princess asked two sisters to cede their rule over Equestria. When they refused, she banished them to the moon, their forlorn visages to ever look down upon the denizens and nation they lost. 

With the one thousandth Summer Solstice Celebration approaching, the Royal Scholar Twilight Sparkle discovers a prophecy that The Mares in the Moon shall escape with the aid of the Stars, and return to Equestria with fire and fury. However, she is ordered by The Princess to disregard such a false prediction and assist with preparations in the small township of Ponyville. 

A madmare, a farmer, a braggart, a socialite and a wallflower may be her only hope of saving Equestria.

A Lovecraft-Lite AU which is inspired by the Lovecraft Mythos, but does not require having read Lovecraft stories in the past to understand.

Cover art commissioned from Nemo2D.

Thanks so far to Shaslan and Zontan with some proofreading help.

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"Do you believe in ghosts?"

The question from Rarity is sudden, and while Twilight may not believe in them, she's curious enough to listen. It must just be a story, after all.

Edited from an entry into the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest "Seer's Spookfest #2". We were given no prompt, other than writing a horror story.

Special thanks to my friend Seer for hosting the contest, as well as all of those that gave feedback during it.

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It's the first Hearth's Warming since Twilight and Rainbow Dash started dating. Twilight said anything that Rainbow Dash would get for her would be perfect, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about when she puts it off until it's practically Hearth's Warming. Nothing to worry about when she can't decide on a gift. Nothing to worry about when she has to get a gift as awesome as she is.

Nothing to worry about at all...

This was written for SunlightRays as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

They asked for a story with Twilight and/or Rainbow Dash, and either Slice of Life or some cute shipping.

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After a long day in town, Fluttershy feels ill. While trying to recover, she has strange dreams and starts to recall meeting somepony on her way home that day. Hopefully, she'll recover soon, and be able to enjoy another blue, sunny day with her friends.

CW: Animal death and Suicide.

Expanded from an entry for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting's "Colorful Characters: Fluttershy" contest where it took second place. The only requirement for the contest was to write a story centered on Fluttershy in an hour. However, I've had the idea for ages, and glad I finally wrote it.

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Luna has requested a private meeting with Princess Twilight Sparkle under specific circumstances. In the dead of a dark, cloudy night, they venture into the tunnels beneath Canterlot's castle.

Expanded from my second-place entry into the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting group Panic! Fiction "Princess" Contest. The contest simply required that we use any canon Princess.

I know the [Adventure] tag may seem a little odd after first reading, but it was probably the closest I could get to how it all turned out.

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This story is a sequel to Discursive Formations: Snow Patrol

As I sleep, I see flashes of before the slumber. I see when we stalked and learned. Eventually, I will awaken. I am a scout.

Written as a prequel to Snow Patrol by The Red Parade as part of Quills and Sofa Speedwriting group event "Expanded Universes." We submitted prompt stories that others could write a prequel or sequel to over a weekend.

It is recommended, if you have not, to read the original first. It's a great story in its own right.

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A collection of short stories and writeoff entries that aren't long enough to be published on their own.

Each chapter will have genre and character tags listed, as well as ratings (if it is not Everyone).

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This story is a sequel to Pray, Hope and Wander

Case Report: Update - May 2nd
Submitted by: Verdant Vines
Location: Ponyville
Date: May 2nd
Case: Ponyville Mass Disappearance (#3467)
Classification: Top Secret

White Clover,

Given the new writings included in the addendum to the provided journal transcription, I’ve elected to continue our investigation through conversing with whoever, or whatever, is on the other side of it. They claim to be Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's personal student. I’d like to request that Princess Celestia is not informed of this possibility until we can verify their identity.

As such, from this day forward I will be sending daily reports before sundown with transcription of our conversations, along with any thoughts I have. Included with these documents is a formal request of personnel transfer for Doctor Blue Sky to my team in order to assist with any psychological evaluations related to the writer of the journal. His team will continue to support evaluations of personnel working the case.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip, Petrichord, and KorenCZ11 for their help with feedback.

A print version of all the stories in this series can be found here.

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One day, trying to find Twilight within the Castle of Friendship, Rainbow Dash stumbles on a door that seemed to appear from nothing, leading to another hallway. Curiosity overtaking her, she decides to explore it.

This story was written for the Barcast's Halloween in April Horror contest.

Thanks to Zontan for help with editing.

Thanks to KrazyTheFox for assistance with making the cover art not super pixelated.

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