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This story is a sequel to Discursive Formations: Snow Patrol

As I sleep, I see flashes of before the slumber. I see when we stalked and learned. Eventually, I will awaken. I am a scout.

Written as a prequel to Snow Patrol by The Red Parade as part of Quills and Sofa Speedwriting group event "Expanded Universes." We submitted prompt stories that others could write a prequel or sequel to over a weekend.

It is recommended, if you have not, to read the original first. It's a great story in its own right.

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Comments ( 5 )

Oh my gosh I didnt realize this was posted! It's one of my favorites from the contest, and I loved reading it so much! Still gives me chills.

Everything I could have wanted from this contest! Great work man, I loved it!

2Merr #3 · July 8th · · ·

Well done with the implications. Less is more in stories like these.

This clears up a minor plot hole in the original, namely the fact that the Minuette on the outside had a communication device, meaning she would more than likely have to be the real one. Having them both be changelings is much more believable as a changeling tactic than simply bumrushing the door in a disguise. The original was only written in an hour, so I can’t fault The Red Parade too much for that. Also, the concept of only being able to mimic life after consuming it is a neat restriction for changelings that I haven’t seen before. (And it could very well be a nod to The Thing, an intentional one this time.)

I give this a very nice/10


You're not alone on the changeling front. I just forgot that they existed when I wrote the story but obviously the implication is that whatever these things are, they're not changelings. I've added a bit to the original to try and dissuade that theory

The scanners kicked in as the ponies crossed the threshold, and a klaxon alarm indicated that the magic dampeners had been activated. The entire system had been stress-tested against against every unicorns and changelings to ensure that everypony coming in was exactly who they said they were.

It seemed extremely redundant, but Midnight was no expert.

But again, that oversight is completely my fault and not Flash's, he did an amazing job regardless!

2Merr #5 · July 8th · · ·

Writing a story in an hour is a feat and half, man. Don’t stress the little things. I can barely write my comments in an hour.

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