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All Things in Time, Chapter 2 · 8:31pm November 18th

Chapter 2 of All Things in Time is out now, for all those who were eagerly awaiting it. Feels nice to finally have a story with a second chapter to it.

Also, if you're interested, I convinced GaPJaxie to write a review. It can be found here.

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Thanks for the follow!

Hey dude, thanks for leaving a comment and even adding this story to you favorite list, which is apparently very small, so the honor is all mine. If you ever want to talk about the show, especially Discord or Twi, feel free to pm me.:twilightsmile:

Hey dude. Thanks for the fav of my Parting is such Sweet Sorrow story! Let me know what you think if you have the time. Also, that story of yours with Twi Fluttershy and Pinkie dying of old age is on my to read list. I WILL get to it but give me some time, since I can’t read horse words every minute of every day and my read later list is a miiiiiiiile long dude! Even if I just leave a funny reaction image describing how I felt after reading this I’ll try to think of SOMETHING to say. I always like it when others do the same for me.

Edit: Sorry, jumped the gun there. I see now it’s on a “priority to read later” list. Still, I assume that means you’ll actually read it some point soon. So thanks for that anyway!:twilightblush:

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

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