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When Rarity accidentally nicks Twilight during a fitting, she discovers just what alicorn blood can do, properly applied.

Winner of the 11th Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest. The prompt was "Spurred to action."

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I really enjoyed this!

"or was it because or her ascension?"
Feel like you meant of.

Regardless, good work!

And then Rarara went to Twiggles' house and said "Daaaaaaaaaaahling, I have an experiment for you to run. It involves alicorn blood"

And then they both did it with mutual consent and no one went insane.

The end.

that slow decent into creeping horror.
glad that its cannon after that reality warping book incident.
would have loved to see how far she'd have gone to get that sample during that fight.

This also reminds me of the story where Twilight breaks her last quill and "borrows" one from Owlowlicious and then makes a wonderful discovery about his feathers...

I wonder if Twilight knows her blood can do this, or if any if the other Mane 6 do... maybe AJ is watering the orchard with alicorn blood....

Well this was fun to delve In to
Hey rarity, try not to bleed her dry.

The sad part here is, if she told Twilight about this, she would probably be eager to experiment with her own blood...



She had to have more.

Rarity assembles the most glorious herd of handsome, educated stallions (and a few mares in case Twilight swings that way too) and parades them all before Twilight, hoping she, in true anime fashion, pops an explosive nosebleed.

Ooo, very nice! Will you be adding more, do you think?

Given how many people have asked for more, probably. No promises, though.

That's actually a good reason NOT to tell her. XD

"Excellent! Ve must haff more!"

Neg #15 · Oct 1st, 2019 · · ·

I'm in full agreement that, aside from a possible initial bit of revulsion and horror, Twilight would probably be at least curious enough to run some willing experiments, like people in the comments say she would. Hell, she'd probably be all too willing to bleed for her friends if she found it could help them in some way.

Fascinating concept

This reminded me of:

[Adult story embed hidden]

Rarity is slightly demented in your story, but here she's full-on crazy. The results seem similar.

A nice and compact story, and somewhat scary - Rarity in this frame of mind doesn't sound like she'll take no for an answer.

And then Twilight decides to expand the experiments to the other alicorns. And then Discord.

And that's how Equestria invented the shoggoth!

post this on Never the Final Word

As the writer of Displaced Into Nothing, I like this idea: I always approve of shoggoth.

Voldemort takes a sudden interest in alicorns…

Also Rarity proves why she is the WORST fit for the Element of Generosity, which should have gone to Derpy!


Come to think of it, Derpy should have ALL THE ELEMENTS and become Princess Derpina I.


Alondro #23 · Oct 1st, 2019 · · 9 ·

Flurry Heart is nice and small and trusting... and blood of an innocent foal is probabaly WAYYY more powerful!

Go murder her, Rarity. :raritystarry:

Subtlety in horror is an art in itself, and I think you captured it very well in so little words.

Nicely done!

Make a sequel pleeeeeeease....I NeEEEeeeEd IT

I think this story doesn’t really need a sequel. The follow-up will be far more terrifying if it remains inside of your head.

The almost twist into a Dark/Horror tag at the very end really puts this over the top. Bravo! Great stuff here!

Though the thought of a sequel focusing on how far Rarity might go here, I almost want to see it focus instead on how Twilight reacts to the discovery that her blood has almost godly powers. Can it heal AND enhance? If so, what is that worth to her? And did Celestia/Luna know this and never tell her? And in a time of crisis, is her blood worth more than friendship itself?

Yeah, good timing for something kind of spooky, disturbing dark. But at the same time, not seeing why or how Rarity would go off the deep end like this. As has been said, All Rarity would need to do is mention it to Twilight and Twiggles would be more then happy to experiment a bit, especially if she knows some blood restoration spells and given how little seems needed for anything.

I want more

The logical continuation of the story feels more like a horror comedy, where the Rarity and Twi obsess about the magical properties of alicorn blood and go waaay overboard.
If alicorn blood is that powerful, that would imply that alicorns are quite immortal too in your story, and maybe she can make all her friends immortal too...

More people need to like your comment

Omg I know that story I was sobbing the entire time!

Yeah. This WOULD be creepy out of context. But this is Twilight we're talking about.


There is no brakеs on the science/Friendship/'teach a lesson, make a problem' train.

Do you remember the story's title, by chance?

It's Ink, by Perigrine Caged

Maybe she could ask nice, in name of science and all that.

feels like more a dark comedy then dark

Why do people seem to insist on linking to the chapter itself rather then to the title page for stories?

Also, that was creepy, but good.

An exceptional story. I fear what might be coming.

9861834 I was thinking along the same lines.

"... and so after my results had been verified, Doctor, I knew I had to have more of the blood."

"Uh-huh." Doctor Stable looked at his patient, lying in bed in a semi-conscious state, moaning occasionally as the intravenous drip replaced the fluids missing from her body. (Nurse Redheart had had some difficulty finding a blood vessel not already nicked by the dozens of scars on Princess Twilight Sparkle's forelegs. "And so you decided to help yourself, did you?"

"I beg your- oh! Oh, no no no!" Rarity said. "Twilight put all those there!"

Doctor Stable gave Rarity a disbelieving glance. "Is that so?" he asked. "What for?"

"Well, a couple little nicks and scratches are one thing," Rarity said, "but I wasn't going to steal my dear friend's blood. That would be horrible! So i asked permission." The white unicorn's face turned a little pink as she continued, "I admit she was just a scoche upset at first. But when I explained the effect it had, and showed her the results, she got this look in her eyes. You know, type 3 Twilighting."

Doctor Stable nodded understanding. In the years Twilight Sparkle had lived in Ponyville, the verb "to Twilight" had not merely been coined, but given multiple meanings. Type 1: freaking out over unjustified things. Type 2: overreaction to fear of failure. Type 3: manic-obsessive conduct related to science. "Continue."

"Well, that's just it. We DID continue," Rarity said. "And Twilight just. Would. Not. Stop! Does the effect work with old blood? Is it stronger with fresh blood? Does chilling or freezing the blood change the effect? Does it work on drawings? On furniture? On stained-glass windows? Can it be made into ink? Into paint? Into dessert toppings?" Rarity stroked her friend's hoof with her own and added. "Just before she passed out from blood loss Spike and I had to wrestle a bone saw away from her. She wanted to know if alicorn meat had the same effect on cooking."

Twilight squirmed in the hospital bed and murmured, "I'm so delicious..."

"I see," Doctor Stable said. "And Spike backs you up on this story?"

"I'm not telling you this from the inside of a castle cell, am I?" Rarity asked. "Of course he backs me up! And so does Fluttershy. She was with us when we tried to talk her down!" She hung her head and murmured, "I wish I'd been more careful with my pins."

"I wouldn't worry," Doctor Stable said quietly. "This isn't the first Twilighting episode we've dealt with, after all. I'm sure that, in a week from now, the obsession will pass and she'll be good as new, without any autocannibalistic fantasies."

"I do hope you're right," Rarity said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to send a letter to Princess Cadence." She paused. "No, first a letter to Crystaller Sunburst. I need to know how much rubber and cork it'll take to cover every pointy and edged object in the Crystal Empire."

Doctor Stable cocked his head in confusion. "Beg your pardon?"

"Well, think of it," Rarity said. "Twilight's blood makes everything more dazzling, yes? And everypony who sees the effect wants it. So what happens when Flurry Heart gets a boo-boo?"

The doctor found a lump choking his throat. "Celestia preserve us all," he gasped.

Twilight twisted around to look at what Rarity was doing. She understood that there were pins involved in fitting a dress, but that had hurt. “Why is this thing so pointy?” she demanded, gesturing to the shards of crystal embroidered along the edges of the dress, which had jabbed her in the side. “I’m not sure dresses are supposed to be sharp.”

Remember the time when Tirek gave her a knuckle sandwich, TROUGH A MOUNTAIN? ...

She had to have more.

So she went to ask Twilight, which gave her a needle full, since Twilight is VERY interested in magic n such and they are friends and a bit blood wont kill anypony :)

Dark Tag banished :D

9863245 Tirek's fists and magic = blunt objects.

Mountain = blunt object.

No pokeys.

Note to future villans
Twilight sparkle princess of magic ((╹◡╹)凸)
Smashing attacks are not effective
Stabbing attacks are super effective

If Alicorn blood is so magical, wouldn't she have a super rare magical blood type you'd need to match for her blood transfusions? Did they have Cadance donate some?

He went head first... horns are pokey :I
Also edgy rocks are pockey...
And when the library blew up, she EASILY could have got paper cuts!!!!

9863294 The IV is saline, not plasma.

Either Rarity’s, excuse me, completely retarded and tries to kill twilight, or she cleanly explains the phenomenon to Twi and they work on it together.

I think we all know what kind of choice Rarity, the mare who opened the Inspiration Manifestation book, the mare who let Twilight Sparkle make a dress, the mare who whines constantly, would do.

If she has some kind of super healing factor, then saline would be the perfect solution (bad pun?).
When I have read your comment I have imagined that Twilight drained herself dry, because she could as an alicorn.

Maybe the pins only "worked" because they were not an enemy attack.

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