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Stumbling across 'Frozen North' · 12:26am January 26th

Imagined it pretty much like this. Artist: nsilverdraws.
A quite talented person :)
(and yes, i'm still trying to put the ending together, yet have to deal with RL. . . )

booru.org -nsilverdraws
Contains some very soft 'nsfw', which are TAGGED AS SUCH and have to be opened manual... - and a lot fine safe art!

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Don't worry, take your time. There's no rush:twilightsmile:.

Ur welcome ~ yet it will take a minute to get to it^^" (so many stories!)

Thanks for the Read It Later addition on Fruity Fledgling and Sunny Apples:twilightsmile:.

Thank you for the addition on Gleaming Fangs and Melodious Belles:twilightsmile:.

Ohnono. Please. Thanks for the write. Its easily top 5 funniest i read so far :)

Twilight needs a toaster - is similar (not sure if you know, my library is packed) ;)
Perhaps you two can coop a story and kill me (at last) XDD

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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