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The hoes call me the B-1 Lancer because I offer unimpressive low-level penetration but possess a world-class rear-aspect sight picture.

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  • 45 weeks
    Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends

    Welcome readers!

    If you're an American, happy 4th of July! Please try and make sure you come out of this with as many fingers as you started with! If you're not an American, my condolences for your having a perfectly normal Tuesday.

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  • 47 weeks
    Well Seymour, I Made It - Despite Your Directions


    If you still here, it's now here, all 14,000 words of it. Plus, a little side-story too, involving the usual Jimmy topics - insurance, bureaucracy, legalese. All the good stuff. Check it out below.

    I've missed you guys. I could go on about what caused the absence, but, instead, I won't. I've got chapters to finish - time is of the essence!

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  • 96 weeks

    Update, woo!

    Sorry about the wait. I could say that I've been busy, moving around, and so forth, which is all true, but the most important reason why I haven't been productive is that someone put me in the wrong operating mode.

    Much better.

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  • 112 weeks

    Not really. But I bet it got you to click, huh?

    Amyway, (overly) big chapter update on Whitehorse, Lady of Ferrari. Next updates are significantly less boring by virtue of actually having, y'know, fighting, violence, action, etc. Should be fun.

    Incidentally, here's some answers to various questions I have been asked over PMs, Discord DMs, and the like.

    -What's your name?
    -Not Jimmy.

    -How old are you?
    -What are you, a cop?

    -Do you have any pets?

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  • 119 weeks
    Jimmy Does The UNTHINKABLE!!!!!

    M rated story. Which is kind of a letdown, actually, because, I wanted my M cherry to be a real buck wild ball-slapper, you know? Whatever the case, this should serve as a reminder that, despite my pretensions with long-form comedies full of luxuriant description, I am, above all, a big ol' goofball with the humor of a 7th grader who genuinely believes "Who Pooped the Urinal" is, at least, my third best fic.

    Regular programming will resume shortly.

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Yeah! Just send it over once you're done. You can catch me in the site discord or hit me up over PMs with the password. Whatever you like.

I quite like Corner Carver.
If you'd fancy it. once I've written up the story would you pass an eye over the sections where it describes Derpy's flight? I'd imagine there's room for improvement in it, and as I say I rather enjoyed how you did things. You did also write something quite well to do with flight regarding poor Twiggles and making her acquaintance with an unyielding surface too, that was rather good as well.

Of course. He's "Literally Me."

Nah. He doesn't, actually. I bandied around a few ideas but ultimately decided he didn't need one - not that my OCs ever have good names. I think my favorites of the bunch were "Moving Violation" or "Corner Carver."

Does the 'old geezer' in 'A Milk Run' have a name or anything.
I read that a while ago but it was the only story I could think to use as reference for Pegasus movements with their wings. I'm writing a Derpy story because she's lovely and as such it was quite the inspiration, I have a nod to it but was hoping to include a name to the 'old geezer' if he has one.

What an honor! Thank you, and I will try my best to keep up the good work.

Luna's speech is so much fun to write that I'll never let her give it up completely, obviously, and as a complete societal recluse she's a long way from post S2 speech, but there are rules that I follow. Thees and thines are an informal pronoun used for a familial relationship, a close friendship, or from a position of authority, like a teacher to a classroom, much like "tu" in French if you've ever had the misfortune of studying the accursed tongue. Thus, she hasn't had a chance to use them much in my stories, as, in no particular order: the griffon ambassador was a foreign dignitary, the viscount is a non-familiar member of the the high nobility, Twilight is a fellow princess of the same societal tier but not her family, she respects Rarity and later ennobles her, and Fluttershy slapped her in the face and thus exerts her social level through brute force like a total chad. In contrast, her sister is a "thou," for example.

A score is an old-timey (with a fascinating history) way to say twenty years. Abe Lincoln's famous "four score and seven years ago" is 87 years, as 1863-87 is 1776.

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