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Just an untalented guy who likes to listen to ponies FYI I typed in random letters for the name of my account I did not mean to have the word clop in it

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Thanks for the fav on: That's My Fandom! I take it you've seen the original video by The Warp Zone before reading it?

Howdy howdy, and thank you for adding Wanted to your bookshelves!

My avatar picture? it’s a screenshot from friendship is violence

Or if you’re asking why I chose that picture it’s because it shows how I feel when I read some stories on here like
I love this story

I have to ask... Why the Face?:rainbowderp:
It is PRICELESS :rainbowkiss:
I might include it in a future chapter for fun :rainbowlaugh:

Merci Beaucoup for adding FoE:Recon and FoE: Cheep Sunglasses to your library I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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