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A brilliant story from a truly gifted story teller.
I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it.

Regardless i can't wait to read more of this personally.
Even if i have to work for that caterpillar.

2662877 much appreciated :twilightsmile:

[ P.S none of these are angry questions. more like genuine thoughts]

1. why didn’t you do a chapter where Rainbow Dash was in denial that Spitfire is a terrorist? it could have show how her betrayal of pony kind affected the Wonderbolts, none of them seemed all that affected or bothered by the fact during the story. not to mention she was dash’s hero.

2. where was eternal? I thought he and Rainbow Dash had a relationship going on and there's no indication of whether he died or if they broke up or if they're pursuing a thought of marriage of course I may have missed him somewhere along the lines that's another possibility.

3. Does the fact this story has ended and no sequal mean that they aren't going to try and defeat the other one and undo their immortality??

4. How is Rumble and Scoots relationship? are they thinking of marriage?

5. Where is Discord? he just stopped appearing after a while.

6. We never got to see Luna's foal. :pinkiesad2:

7. what made you think of Twilight x Applejack?

8. would i by chance be allowed to make a non canon extension of this story during a point in the child timeline at some point revolving around one of their pranks?

9. Most importantly what is the condition of the Crystal Empire I mean did Shining Armor and Cadence and flurry all survive? how much of the empire was destroyed? you kind of left off on an ominous note that hinted at the Crystal Empires destruction.

in my opinion this was a good story. nice and long plenty of original and fun ideas and surprises it's up there with "on a cross and arrow" in my book.:raritywink::yay:

Alright, I'll be happy to answer you

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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