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Sunset Shimmer is best Pony

Enough said. I just like Sunset more than most others besides Derpy for some reason.

Original Character: Twinkle Spark

Name: Twinkle Spark Light

Age Group: Cutie Mark Crusaders

Family: Twilight Sparkle Light; Older Half-Sister. Shining Armor Light; Older Half-Brother. Twilight Velvet Light; Step-Mother. Night Light Light; Father. Princess Cadance; Former Foalsitter/Sister-in-Law. Sunset SHimmer; Older Half-Sister

Coat color: Light brilliant amber with Pale, light grayish mulberry patch on muzzle, and white freckles on cheeks

Mane color: Brilliant amaranth and Brilliant rose

Eye color: Moderate violet


Wears glasses with Moderate violet frames for Nearsightedness, as well as a pocketed Moderate violet Vest, a gift from Rarity.

The Third Heir of the Noble House of Light after Shining Armor Light and Twilight Sparkle Light.

A shy, Well Read Filly who was called a Teacher's Pet by her former Canterlot Classmates for being able to use both Levitation and an Offensive Magic Beam spell that she studied from Shining Armor's books. After dealing with a couple years of the Teacher's Pet and Blank FLank comments, she started acting Superior to give the bullies a taste of their own medicine, a behavior which drew the attention of Cadance when Twinkle started acting Snooty to her (Cadance). With Twilight rarely, if ever, leaving the castle for her studies, and Shining Armor working round the clock as Captain of the Guard, Cadance took it upon herself to set the filly straight. Cadance showed Twinkle Prince BLueblood, as a warning of what could happen if she took the superiority too far. After this little scare, Twinkle's Superiority behavior was far more manageable.

Was conceived when her Biological mother, Sunset Shimmer's Mother, in a grief addled state, used Mind Magics to seduce, and rape Night Light Light. After Birth, Twinkle was sent to the Light family after her birth mother was imprisoned for her actions.

Scary THought

I don't know if there are any bronies out there that Watch RWBY AND watch my profile, but is it just me, or does Nora Valkyrie Remind anyone of Pinkie Pie, including the dark side known as Pinkamena?


Idea #2 · 2:33pm Sep 20th, 2014

Hello all. This is the second idea i've come up with, and it's thanks to Equestria Girls:

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Gamer Twilight Idea · 7:26pm Mar 28th, 2015

Inspired by Twilight's Life Is A Game by Ilbgar, and Twilight: The Gamer by Ilbgar

Twilight Sparkle dies when Tirek drains her of not only Hers and the Princesses' Alicorn Magic, but also absorbs Twilight's entire Life Force as well, ending her life.

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Idea #4 · 3:40pm Sep 29th, 2014

Hello Everypony. I'm sure you're all familiar with the HUman in Equestria stories where a Cosplayer is at a convention and buys the ONE thing needed to complete their costume from someone dressed as the Resident Evil 4 Merchant, only to get transported to Equestria and Become the character they're cosplaying. Stories like Thadius0's series starting with Headless, not Heartless, Zman357's

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Idea #3

Hey again. Another Idea out of my head. Inspired by The Days After by NerfedFalcon

What If the Elements of Harmony had a very strange effect on the Mane six when they used them to Defeat Nightmare Moon? What if the Elements turned these 6 special Mares.....Into Humans?! Humans with the distinct abilities of their Pony Counterparts? Applejack's Strength, Pinkie Pie's Physics-Breaking, Twilight's aptitude in Magic, Rainbow Dash's Flying Speed, Fluttershy's Animal Rapport, and Rarity's Magical Finesse? How will these 6 young Mares cope with becoming something once thought to be nothing but a Legend from before the Unification and Foundation of Equestria? What does this mean for the Legends of Humans? Will the Mane 6 survive Lyra's Anthropological Obsession? How will their Families Handle this?

[originally posted September 22, 2014]

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A flower blooms in thanks of your favorite of Standing United!

I wish Jim voices Wolverine from X-Men.

Thank you so much for adding Who’s on First Dashie! to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for faving A Spiked Life, I appreciate it. :pinkiesmile:

Just an fyi, The Equestrian Anti-Magic Knight is the second story of these. They don't really tie into each other, other than the main characters are brothers

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