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I am Sky Flare. I am an English major in college who writes both for this site and actual books. Constructive input is always appreciated. Twilight Sparkle is best pony.


BronyCon · 10:38am Aug 13th, 2017

Hey, I'm at BronyCon this weekend, though I'm posting this on the morning of the final day, and I picked up some inspiration. Terrible inspiration. Like, really bad. Basically, a couple people let me play Twilight's Secret Shipfic Folder with them and I started looking into it for myself. Long story short, it's fun and I am down a whole bunch of moneys. I may write a few of the more entertaining webs that my friends and I make. I don't know exactly when I would start posting the story, but I do

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To whom it may concern(I really like that phrase right now for no apparent reason), I have released the promised story. It will receive a new addition every Saturday until the fourteenth installment. This means the conclusion will be coming some time on September thirteenth if everything goes according to plan. Seeing as this ends during the school year, this is tentative. College life makes putting things out there a little harder, but I will do my best:raritywink:.

To whom it may concern, I should be coming out with another story fairly soon. I just finished the eighth chapter in it and am drawing near to a conclusion... I think:unsuresweetie:. Regardless, it was fun to write and I should have it up by sometime in June at the latest:twilightsmile:.

thank you for wrighting such a good story:twilightsmile:

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