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I am Sky Flare. I am an English major in college who writes both for this site and actual books. Constructive input is always appreciated. Twilight Sparkle is best pony.


Tempest, Raid, and Twister are guards that grew up together since they were only foals. Two pegasi and a unicorn that join the Royal Guard in hopes of protecting ponies and keeping order. A rule change pertaining to the number of guards in a squad is made, forcing them to increase their ranks by one. A pony named Rogue Wind is forced to join this tightly knit group.

This is a single entry Slice of Life story that is going to introduce a few characters that will be appearing in the sequel to my story "Kingdom of Friendship." I am still writing on the sequel, but these characters I felt needed a back story that I couldn't put into the main story.

Chapters (1)
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I might have to check out that story. This story made my feels hurt. Poor Rogue

Oh you don't know what happens with him in the next story... I have plans for this broken stallion.

You know.. I think I'm going to appreciate the time you spent building up these characters here, so they appear less suddenly.

4806087 I'm also considering continuing their story. Something that takes place between Rogue joining the team and the whole changeling mess. But for now, I will just feel appreciative that someone actually read it for the sake of understanding the characters:twilightsmile:.

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