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“Wow,” Xenith said, standing with the others as we walked away, her exotic voice gaining a touch of melancholy. “With all your teasing, I was beginning to feel sorry for the little one. Now I just feel jealous.”

“Yes,” Velvet Remedy agreed, sounding a touch stunned. “So do I.” She turned to Calamity. “No offense.”

“Offense? Hell, Ah feel jealous.”

-Fallout: Equestria by Kkat

“The duck. Does it squeak?” Twilight repeated her question, still frowning.

“I… Yes.” The artist mumbled. Twilight gave the duck a gentle, apprehensive bit of pressure. Sure enough, it emitted a very obviously toy-like squeak.

"By the stars.” She groaned, handing the toy off to the artist. “The damned duck squeaks.”

-Archmage by Loyal

Pinkie let out a delighted giggle, now floating upside down. “Pony Rarity, I just had THE BEST idea! Wanna hear?”

“I… I’m not honestly sure…”

Without caring for Rarity’s reply, Pinkie Pie rubbed her hooves together — taking a brief moment to excitedly point out she had hooves — before whispering, “I’m going to take you to my universe!”

"Please no.”

-Swap by Monochromatic

Princesses don’t have to go to school anyway. I think. Like, unless maybe a bigger princess tells you that you have to, like when Cadance tells Flurry Heart. But Cadance is Flurry Heart’s mom, and moms beat princesses. I once saw Princess Twilight fight her mom, and Princess Twilight lost.

-Pumpkin's Big Adventure by Daedalus Aegle

“This was used,” she said, “to try to decapitate Princess Luna. Don’t you think it looks famil—”

"Bah! Bah! I do not care for daggers!” And the Minotaur King slapped the dagger away from Daring’s hoof.

It flew across the room.


And then it hit the wall at the other side.
Daring said nothing. She just stared at the dust at the other side of the room. The wall had been pretty much pulverized.

"Princess Luna’s strength has been lauded across my lands!” the Minotaur King was yelling now. “No weapon would pierce her! Do not lie to me!”

"Uh…” As in a daze, Daring Do went back to her saddlebag and took Tirek’s horn out. “Nnno, I’m not lying. I just used this horn to—”

“Bah! Bah! I do not care for horns!” And the Minotaur King slapped the horn away from Daring’s hoof.

It flew across the room.


And it hit the wall at the other side. Exactly on the same spot the dagger had hit, too.


Then Luna took a step forward and presented the little calf to the Minotaur King. “Here, take this baby.”

"Bah! I do not care for babies!” And the Minotaur King slapped the—

"Nooooo nononono. No.” Sugar Song pushed Luna—and the Royal Baby—away from the Minotaur King. “No infanticide, not on my watch.”

-Evil is Easy, Governing is Harder by Aragon


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What if I said no?

Now that's just mean

You deserve all the follows, including this one right here :trixieshiftleft:





2434210 Agreed, it is an effective prologue. So far I haven't been disappointed!

That means it's an effective prologue...

In all seriousness, I hope the rabbit hole you've found yourself in is a fun one! Novel's a heck of an author!

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