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Pony artist. feel free to check out my stuff. Ask me about commissions!


Artist. I do covers and whatever feel free to ask and look through my stuff!
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Do you think that you could PM me some of your best art?
I just wanted to see for fun

Whoever it is looks frickin adorable. :heart: Just had to say it. :twilightblush:

Thank you! :heart:
Not her in particular i just love the twili aesthetic

Omg I was just looking at your picture of commissions (bc your pictures are SO CUTE), and is that MIDNA as a PONY????:raritystarry::pinkiegasp:

Heh, I'm flattered :twilightsmile:

One little question though, what debacle?

Your welcome! After that one debacle ive started noticing your name pop up in several places so i figured your an important watch!

Hey! Thanks for the watch! :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by NicLove deleted Nov 6th, 2017
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