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Melody Scratch

The world is ever changing. I wonder will I be able to keep up with the title waves? Or will the tides of change drown me in its waves?

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All about me that i'm willing to share at this moment ( if u really wanna meet me follow me and send me a PM) · 6:54pm May 1st, 2016

Nickname: Melly

Relationship Status: Single (but I have a lot of suitors and dont really want more so if u wanna try then plz make it worth my time)

Gender: Non-binary

Sexual Preference: Females
Country I have no chose but to live in for now: USA damn you America

Favorite Color: Black

Biggest Dream: To become a famous Club Owner

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join us · 5:43pm Jul 5th, 2016

join with me :pinkiecrazy: we can create a better world :pinkiecrazy:

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Oh, okay then. Hope you enjoyed!

sure u are father sure u are

I just add things to folders depending on the main characters I have a separate folder for the ship

Thanks for the shelf add, but I'm sorry, it isn't a RariJack, the ship will be revealed later, but unfortunately its not RariJack, I'm so sorry!:applejackunsure:

Well I mean that happened when I was immature, perverted...

I’m a changed man now, aren’t I?

*reads further text*

Yup I’m a changed man

Heh, I guess I’d better throw away this grave...

*looks at messages* holy shit no fucking way

Its really good I can't wait for the next chapter so high recommendation don't be me and not update in months cause u forgot about the book

Thanks for the bookmark! Hope you enjoy the story! Hopefully I'll actually get it updated. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for favouriting Her Shining Star, I hope you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Another Octascratch lover. Pleasure to meet you!

Thanks for the follow!

Curious about the follow.

2422977 *reads profile* wait a second, boys should NOT be hitting on girls at 14... hell they shouldn't even be dating yet, boys have no respect these days...

2422974 same here but meh i see your point

2422951 yeeeaahhh, I still follow people if they follow me too, though I should probably stop so I don't get banned like a follower did...

  • Viewing 732 - 751 of 751
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