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It is a special day for Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. A very special day. For a night of good cheer, the DJ brings the cellist to one of her performances. And as a surprise, she does something quite unexpected of a mare for her caliber.

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Just, just take it. Take it all. My thumb up, my favorite, it's yours.

they need to add a HOLY FUCK THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! button. but for now, have a moustache :moustache:

You want more intro length? Describe the venue. What's the audience like? (style, age, etc.)? How big is the stage? What's the mood in the crowd? But other than that, amazing.

this was adorable! very descriptive, I could vividly picture everything:rainbowkiss:

eeeee this was so cute! :rainbowkiss:

what was the song? i am not familiar with it


I'm... actually surprised at this. Being my first try at something with romance, I didn't think it'd do very well. I'm very pleased to see that you all enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

It is actually a song I found from a megamix. I do not have any idea what its name is though as even when I look up the lyrics, it's random generic songs that contain a couple similar words. For the song itself, I'll link you to it Here. Now I do not know how to link it to play at that exact part, but go to 57:30 exact for when the song starts coming up. Give it a short bit and enjoy the music! It will come soon.

400001 it is not available in my country -_-

Aw man, that absolutely sucks! :pinkiesick:

I wish I could describe it to you or send you the file. But, try this: Go to video2mp3.net and copy the youtube address. You may be able to download it then go to the spot in the song.

400036 apparently im not allowed to convert it to mp3 in my country either -_-

time to search long and hard in the internet

you have such an awesome attention to detail that I haven't seen in many other fics. I normally dont read shipfics, but this is awesome. thumbs up and fave to you

Thank You.'Tis A Tale To Warm The Cockles Of The Heart.

Another great story as always Stars, you just keep getting better with everything you put out :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, Sanity. Just know that it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't sent that first message. :twilightsmile:

And thanks to you guys, too. This story is turning into my biggest one so far, and I'm pretty happy about that. I just hope that I can continue putting out stories for you to enjoy!

*Royal Canterlot Voice Off.*

*Ahem* Fantastic job chap.
I look forward to more of these chapters.
Keep it up.

oh god...the levels of cuteness..its..oh god!!! HOLY SH- *head explodes*

Say it with me now everyone!

This was really sweet a nice read you sir get five mustache's :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Very sweet and adorable story. Have a moustache :moustache:


To you readers that enjoyed this story, I have an update. I have just decided to make two additional chapters on this story. So if you're looking for more dancing and singing, then I hope these upcoming pieces will suffice. In the next chapter, it is Octavia's turn to make such a wonderful night for the two musical mares.

I hope that you all will look forward to and enjoy these upcoming chapters!


1280998 now i'm sad because i forgot which fic this one is and i don't have the time atm to reread it... oh well, i'll do it later!


Wait a minute.

What the hell is going on.

Is Vinyl DEAD??

The "She felt no movement. No breath. No warmth." Sounds like Vinyl was dead, am I just utterly confused or did you just kill Vinyl?


To put it crudely: Yep.

Vinyl died in her sleep while still smiling, knowing that Octavia was preparing for the next day's celebration.

1375048 But, I love Vinyl :fluttercry: I almost cried now :( Still great piece of work though.

... what the actual **** man. And just when I thought I could escape feels today...

Read that ending like five times. What did you do to her?

She died in her sleep.

What can I say, I write about loss. If the rest of my stories were to somehow complete themselves up to standard, then you'd see a whole lot more of sad times that may or may not end in complete devastation.

1375048 To quote a certain young character in a very good show "OH COME ON!" :unsuresweetie:
really, I am sad, this was happy fic, why me sad, why you make me sad.

I try to excel in making readers sad. Happy stories just aren't my thing. Sure, I can try to do it like I did the first chapter which was originally going to be a simple one-shot, but then I thought about making a sequel ending like this. And so, here it is, an ending with an unknowing death that came all too quickly yet silently.

You could have put a sad tag, you know. Some people don't want to read a sad story, with Vinyl's surprise death it certainly is. Though some of us would have predicted that something unhappy was coming with a chapter title like Dirge, we are not the majority. I know you were going for a surprise ending with that and a sad tag would spoil it slightly, but you also need to remember the preferences of the readership.

I misclicked the thumbs down, I don't know why the thumbs up won't stick. My downvote was not intentional, it's well written.

Der teufel, mann?! (use Google translate)




1375124 I know, most of the stories I have written were sad (although I find that if you give people sadness through happiness its much more tearjerking. If your willing to take the time, read my story "Little piece of Grey" then read one of my worst rated stories "Dear Mr diary". Perfect example) there is a certain feeling you get from being able to invoke more complex emotions on people. Although I feel that the drop (Vinyl's Death) was all to sudden. I would suggest hinting something was slightly wrong, but Octavia was oblivious a little while into the second chapter. I feel if you were subtle enough, the story would be much sadder.

Good point. Originally I wasn't going to make it sad or anything and keep it with the first chapter. I didn't think about adding the Sad tag to it but I went ahead and just did so.

Я не знаю, это просто происходит

The thing about hinting is just that, it hints. Generally when I do things that pertain to the sad moments I do not try to hint it. Otherwise readers will see it coming and expect it. Look to My Last Words for an example of this. I don't want to spoil anything about it so I won't tell more, but I don't tell things that relate to what happens/is happening.

I got the hint from "Dirge".

It's kinda funny, really, that I reviewed this and knew how it ended ahead of time, but still, reading it here and all, I can't help but go:


And then I settle down and realize that this is a fantastic chapter. Can't wait for more.

After reading the fic, I'd set to watch you...but knowing that, I'm unwatching. You're a fairly good writer, if this story is an indication, but I'm not someone who deals with "sads" well :pinkiesad2:

Still, good luck with future projects, hope you find plenty of people who can enjoy your writings and appreciate them as much as they deserve (if not more :raritywink:)

It's good once in a while to get hit by the feels in my opinion.
Like usually I don't cry but thanks to the sad stories I read around here I actually do.

But I must say you did a great job and I enjoyed it. No matter how much I cried. :pinkiesad2:

I went from liking this story to disliking it...

Sorry, but such a "SURPRISE! She's dead!" story is one I genuinly hate.

Cause of death?
How long have they been together?
How old was she?

None of it, not a single clue.
I hate to sound rude, but that was way too quick and it, quite frankly, made the entire chapter bad.

make one more chap plz funeral or something

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