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Sparkletop Rainbows

Just a pegasister who's a huge fangirl on the inside. She follows back and would love to be your friend! (Avatar found at http://swa-oku.deviantart.com/art/Hetalia-Fan-Art-Samovar-Teatime-360787743)



Hey · 3:13am Apr 11th, 2021

I don't know how many of you are reading this, but it's been a while. I probably won't be back on here much, as I've got other things do to and I've lost my interest in MLP a long time ago. Looking back at my posts, I don't know how you all stuck with me. But it feels nice to see everyone again, even though I can't remember some of you that well.

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Welcome to my user page!

Hi, and welcome! Feel free to look around and check out my stuff!

I am loyal, kind and caring once you get to know me better. Usually, I'm pretty stoic, emotionless, and serious, kinda like Maud, but that's only because I'm really awkward, nervous, and antisocial. I'm really bad with people in real life, but I open up easily with my friends online! I'm been through a lot, and I always stood strong through tough times. I am honest, I always do the right thing even when others are doing wrong, and I try to help out as much as I can! Mlp, anime, and manga are my life. My hobbies are reading, writing, and drawing, and I love to be creative!

Favorite Pony: Luna.

Favote EG: Sunset Shimmer

OTP: Dislestia

Biggest Dream: Make the world a better place.

Biggest Fear: Teletubbies.

Favorite Color: Blue.

Favorite Subject: Art

Favorite Animal: Ponies and all things cuddly.

5 facts about me:
-I love listening to music
- I am a spider person (yes, you heard me right)
- I am very short-tempered, although it it very hard for my friends and acquaintances to anger me
- I am vegetarian
- I love all things creepy and all things fluffy equally

Favorite Music

Stuff I made

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Thank U for the fav!

Thanks for faving You're Under Arrest!. :twilightsmile: I hope you enjoy it.


Just thought I'd introduce myself since you're a friend of a friend. :twilightsheepish:

It's okay, I won't, and I'm fine with you calling me that.

Cool, but don't push yourself too hard Sparkles (mind if I call you that?) And thank you for bein' follower number 10! :yay:

Don't worry, I'll try to be on here more for the sake of my friends! No matter how much things come up, I'll never be completely gone from here.

and would love to be your friend!

Gonna be kinda difficult if u not on, hehe...:twilightsmile:

2402252 A)"Locked Away Feeling". B)It was in group but as stated earlier it was removed due to it being "not interested".

2402230 Sure, just give me the title. Did you add it in the review group?

2402208 He is but nvm that. If you can(or whenever u have the time), can you check it out and give a similar review? Anything helps and this way, I can see how to fix it. Speaking of, I do have some bad news(nothing serious)... My main story that I was going to publish has been delayed due to editor being busy so I probably won't have any new (long)stories for some time although I have some short stories on standby. I'll probably publish one within the next few days as to give the readers something to read since the last story I published was like 3 weeks ago. Ugh, I've been slacking...

2402199 I don't think he's in any of my groups.

2402177 Are you sure his name is B_25? I can't find him anywhere near the admin section or the other group members.

2402094 A)They are but it didn't seem to work. B) I have and am in progress of quiet a few. C)He's in the same review group.

2401792 A) If one-shots aren't your strong points, have you tried writing longer stories? B) I tried to find that user, but I couldn't find him anywhere. C) You're welcome!

2401746 A) While I agree with that philosophy, it doesn't really help when it's the 16(?) time in a row. B)Cool but one of my stories (Locked Away Feelings) was removed from said group because "the group wasn't interested" to witch I call bogus because I know you. It was B_25 who told me this. If you could inform him that you'll check it out, that be great. C) Again, thanks for the review.

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