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Do you all like to have prompts given to you for you to write? Of course you do! There are groups on here for that sole reason! This group is still different, though. You see, this group ups the ante. This group gives an author a single, randomly generated word. You have to write a story based off that single word. Why? Because why the heck not! You get a new story out of it, and that will help you gain more readers! That's always good, right?

This group will have monthly contests. Currently, they won't have any prizes unless someone would like to contribute to the group to help in that sense. There will be a word given to everyone that—if they wish to—can write about.

The Official Skype Group can be found here!

Contest Rules:
1) There will be a contest every month.
2) Everyone who wishes to compete will have two weeks to write their stories.
3) For the first contest, the admins will be the judges.
4) There will be no prizes for the contest, though you will still have bragging rights. (There may be prizes one day, though...)
5) Anyone can enter!

The first contest will begin on June 1, 2016 and submissions will end June 14, 2016.

Group Rules:
1) No being a jerk. If you want to comment on a person's story of why it's bad, then give them feedback!
2) Don't spam the forum with things unrelated to this group.
3) You cannot promote stories in this group unless they are made for one of the contests.

The Lunar Samurai
Foals Errand

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Are we getting any prompt at all this month? I mean, time's kinda running out for it... :pinkiecrazy:
If we're doing any word this month, we're gonna need it NOW, or no one will have time
to get any stories finished. :twilightsmile:

Or are we taking a break this month and continuing in August?:rainbowderp:

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