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This blog is being ghost written by my husband.

This is foal's Half. Due to my wife's current problems with persistent vertigo, she will have to place all writing on hiatus until such time as her health improves.

Let it be understood that NOTHING is being cancelled but until her condition clears, she cannot continue writing under these conditions. The Doctor estimates that recovery COULD take two months but it is expected in full. This also means that she will be unable to attend the upcoming Everfree NW Convention where she hoped to see many of you in person.

We both apologize for the disappointment to her eager readers. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

With Hope and Regrets:

Foal's Half.


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Commissions!-Are CLOSED

So you are looking for a commission? Maybe you have an idea and aren't sure you can do it justice? Or maybe you really want to see something written but don't want anyone to know you wanted it? You've come to the right author!

For $5-6 USD per 1K I will write you whatever your heart desires. Open to both One shots and Chapter stories. Pony, Anthro, or Human. And as a special treat It doesn't even have to be pony related. I have a deviant art account where I can post your story or on fanfiction.net.

So What am I willing to write? Well, basically if you can imagine it i'm willing to write it!

Please contact me via PM, or on skype, search Foals Errand and that's me my avatar is the same as here on fim.

Warning: I may not specialize in what you desire, but give me the premise and i'm sure we can work something out!

Please allow 1-3 weeks per commission. Longer if multi chapter.

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  • What if God Were One of Us? Princess Celestia knew how her kingdom worked. The Unicorns used magic. Pegasi flew in the sky and handled the weather. And Earth ponies... Earth ponies... Huh, maybe Celestia didn't know everything about her ponies. That was about to change. by Foals Errand 15,233 words · 6,641 views · 1,052 likes · 34 dislikes
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Thanks for the fav!

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Thank you for adding my story, Unto Greener Pastures, into your bookshelves :twilightblush:

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If only all life's little problems could be solved with bacchanalias

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>>2428404 :pinkiehappy: Thanks for setting the collab up and for your bits of it!

For that pairing, I really can't recommend the two stories I mentioned below enough, especially The Enemy Of My Enemy (on the off-chance you haven't already read them). I'm guessing you already know the amazing A Princess And Her Queen, as Kildeez was an occasional contributor on the collab? And we can just take as written, as you're a Twysalis fan, that you've read the Courtship Rituals pair, right?

I really like Celestia and Chrysalis as a couple/friends, I think their presence in each others' lives would bring them both enormous joy. But I'm unlikely to write any more for them anytime soon, perhaps not ever, I'm afraid; I only wrote that story as I'd spent a very intense two weeks and 18,000 words in Rainbow Dash's head and wanted to write something as different as possible to get away from that, and then it did so unexpectedly well that I don't think any other story I wrote about them would live up to that. And I have lots and lots of stories planned/part-written that I need to do more of, and don't have nearly enough time to write as it is, so I can't see myself spending any time on those two again at the moment, sorry :twilightoops:

I guess, depending on how you feel about the Equestria Girls side of the franchise, then a couple of my other stories might appeal, possibly? This one has a similar sort of tone, of villains after their defeat wondering how to go forwards from there, and I think treats them in the same sympathetic way that sees them as three-dimensional characters, without necessarily excusing their behaviour. And then this one is the same as the Chrysalis one in the way it's about a good-aligned POV character being outfoxed by a depowered villain in conversation, and has a similar cynical perspective twist on established events in the second chapter, like Chrysalis' explanation for not sharing love.

But, you know, I happily don't read the stories from even my favourite authors which don't have the characters I really like and want to read about in, so if no Chrysalis or Celestia means it's not your thing, I completely understand :twilightsmile: I think Adagio Dazzle is probably the closest villain we've seen to Chrysalis, but you know, different franchise, different characters, all that sort of thing.

Anyway, sorry for saying 'thanks, read my others!', which I know is a generally loathsome thing for an author to do. But I'm afraid they, and the existing ones I mentioned by other authors, are the closest I can offer to more ChryLestia at the moment, and probably for the future :fluttershysad:

#528 · 2w, 23h ago · · ·


*blushes* I'm glad my collab helped inspire such an amazing story! I'd love to see more from this possible ship whether friends or lovers!!!

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