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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.

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About my OCs

Gender: - Male
Race: Hipparion (Pony Universe), Human (Equestria Girls Universe)
Eye Color: Green, with lighter tints for highlights
Hair Color/Style: - His purple hair has somewhat long bangs, a section of his hair juts upward, and his neck region is arranged like spikes. His tail hair is long, but not so much as to drag on the ground.
Skin Color/Complexion: - His body hair is a bright yellow with purple stripes on his back and cheeks.

Compared to his classmates, Cosgrove is much more reserved. Having lost his adoptive mother Night Dancer to a circus accident in Prance, the best he could do to cope with his loss is to talk to others who have lost a loved one. Often this is with the Apple Family, amazing on how even before his arrival, the three farmers have worked without any much parental supervision.

Unlike his classmates, Cosgrove eats small reserves of treats. The reason being is that as a former pony from the Barn and Bayley Circus, being a healthy pony is the best way to provide services.

While he doesn't get angry often, if push comes to shove Cosgrove would become enraged easily and hardly forgets the pony who provoked him.

Throughout holidays and his birthday he comes to grips on celebrating them without Night Dancer, and is evident the next day.

In the Equestria Girls Universe, he has ectrodactyly ("Crab Hands"). When talked whether or not to have those fixed, Cosgrove answered, "I have lived with this all my life, and made many friends... Why lose the key I can relate to?"

Night Dancer
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony (Pony Universe), Human (Equestria Girls)
Eye Color: Light Violet
Hair Color/Style/Complexion: She has deep blue-green fur with a dark brown mane and tail in a style similar to Pinkameena's (often she keeps this untrimmed to provide a ribbon effect.

Night Dancer is the daughter of a pair of circus performers famous for their ribbon dancing. Inspired by the Cirque du Soleil, Night Dancer always wanted to perform stunts similar to their's. She trained hard under the Barn and Bayley's best acrobat and it was on her 13th birthday when she finally was able to perform under the big top. While her parents couldn't be any more proud, Night Dancer became even more happier when she awoke with her cutie mark the next day.

After her parents retired to a more secluded place, Night Dancer, now grown up, became a profound member of the circus. Her spot light is often used at the climax of each circus showing. It's through that alone that she traveled all over Equestria (rent free if one would add). One destination changed her life forever.

Night Dancer originally found Cosgrove as a baby washed ashore in a basket on Pinto Beach. Not wanting to leave him under scrutiny from then their second Ringmaster, she signed the adoption papers and a restraining order against him. While not having enough money to buy him something for his birthdays, her love was all he ever needed. When she was killed in a performance accident, Cosgrove became torn and continually comes to grips that she will never return.

Gender: Female
Race: Human (Equestria Girls), Possibly Hipparion in MLP-verse
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style:

Cosgrove and Dapplewood's (or in Ponyverse adoptive) biological mother. compared to her husband, Claire is much more attentive to Cosgrove and Dapplewood, but still her duties as deputy overshadowed caring for them. It was until talks of divorce that Cosgrove stepped in.

Clamp Jaw
Relationship with him: As a former SWAT officer now demoted to deputy officer, Clamp often took cases that lasted several sleepless nights to earn enough money for the family. Cosgrove thus managed house keeping while he was away, but that often left him alone in the house. After stepping in, Clamp, having realized his mistake, took less serious cases to spend more time with the family.

Gender: Male
Race: Dinosaur, Human
Eye Color: Light purple
Hair Color/Style: As a dinosaur, Dapplewood has white protofeathers arranged sticking up, like a Zebra.

Cosgrove's younger brother by six years. Born without a larynx, Dapplewood cannot talk (as well as a hard time breathing through his mouth), often relying on his body language to communicate. He can still make sounds as long as they do not involve the larynx (e.g. whistles, snorts, hisses through his teeth). He doesn't usually warm up to energetic pets. Cosgrove is very protective of him. He is a great saxophonist.

In the Old Timeline, Dapplewood wasn't present in the events of the first movie, Other Voices, and Rainbow Rocks due to being in a foreign exchange program in the Brisbane Institute for the Deaf-Mute. Upon being asked why Dapplewood wasn't mentioned in those events, Cosgrove felt that it was for his own protection, especially when Sunset was in the wrong at the time. With the world being peaceful again, Dapplewood was introduced to the high school upon returning.

In the New Timeline, his role in the Human World is much more expanded. Among the items inherited from Night Dancer upon her passing was a pair of new wave glasses. Despite not currently enrolled in Canterlot High, he is still counted as a Maximal.

Tremor (Biological Grandfather), Susan (Biological Grandmother, Deceased) Loopty Hoop (Adoptive Grandmother), Lion Tamer (Adoptive Grandfather), Schnookums (Pet)
Close? Why or why not: Often when wondering about a topic, Cosgrove would talk to them. Schnookums however, would usually be close to him and even crawl on his chest upon bedtime.

Gender: Female
Race: Horse, Human
Eye Color: Grey

Gender: Female
Race: Merpony
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Blonde is her natural color, but she would die it violet.

Gender: Male
Race: Sleipnir
Eye Color: Yellow

Hoof Lock: Time and again, Cosgrove tries to reach up to the Royal Guard; Its not that Hoof Lock hates him (let alone find him annoying), its just that the Earth Pony has lost so many friends that he doesn't bother making new ones.

Indigo Blue, Boysenberry, Dinky, Rumble, Button Mash, Pipsqueak, Featherweight, and First Base: His classmates in Ponyville. He would usually sit in front of Button Mash and to Rumble's left. After the adventure in the TARDIS, he gave Dinky a good deal of space before being forgiven after the Doctor and Derpy were wed.

Cogsworth: Not necessarily a foe so to say, rather a kid who has taken so much insults in his life that he just wanted to get back at his oppressors. The mechanic does rekindle his friendship with Cosgrove eventually.

About Me.

Born: September 15th, 1993.

Currently Resides: St. Joseph, Missouri.

Studying: Digital Animation at Missouri Western.

Works: Petsmart.

Likes: Video Games (unable to play right now), surfing the web.

Status: Single, not much of an actual talker, hopes to improve his critiquing skills, may do some animations with Animate CC, then try out Toon Boom Harmony.

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Art Requests/Trades/Commissions Box



Future Inquiries

Ground Rules

1. Do Not request anything I don't know.
There's a saying, "do what you know, research a little what you don't." If there's something I know nothing about, I will not do it; it's not just drawing or using my Toon Boom Puppets, but also the research I have to do to get it right.

For starters here's the subject matter I do know:

Equestria Girls
The Land Before Time, or any dinosaur related thing (They were here before the Brony fandom and will last after the fandom)
Godzilla or kaiju related thing
Still mastering the human form, so OC's are fine, but continue reading.

2. Have a clear idea of what you want me to do.
This is especially important for me as an animation artist. By commissioning, requesting, or getting an art trade from me, you are basically having your work done overseas (depending on where you live); the clearer the idea and the more detailed the idea, the better the quality. No one likes to go blind after all.

If you have the character you drew yourself or have a reference requested or commissioned, provide it as such; it can easily go a long way.

3. Art styles take a long time to master.
My current art style (which you can better see with my rough pencil drawings) lies in the middle of an abstract and realistic form. Personally, I want to master Don Bluth's art style or come close. If you ask me to do it in an art style like that of Matt Frank, Wubcake, Uotapo and the like, you're better off getting a commission from them.

Absolutely under no circumstance do you ask me to draw in the anime's style. Chibi is okay though for the sake of being cute (e.g. daydreams, exaggeration etc.).

4. No NSFW material; I will be the final judge if the art is deemed too much.

5. Time might Equal Money.
If it's gonna take me away from my personal projects for a while, I will have to establish a payroll in the form of a PayPal account, and how much you want me to do will be priced accordingly.

6. If it looks and sounds like a Duck, I won't paint it.

What I'm saying is, don't ask me to paint a "claimed" design too similar to an official one (e.g. a differently painted Sunset Shimmer or a Godzilla with a differently painted arm). That is just plagiarism and very unprofessional of you the client.

7. If you the client wishes to upload the art piece yourself, credit and promotion is absolutely mandatory.

Not many artists spend time and energy doing this for own health. Giving credit and linking back to me here or to my Deviantart profile will allow more clients to see what I've done in the past, take interest, and therefore I could earn more money.

Send me a PM if your interested and want further answers.

Payment provided by Paypal, refer to the ground rules on my front page for more information.

Services and examples:

Headshot portrait: Might fluctuate by inquiry of a detailed background, but I do ask for a base price of $12

Full Body:
Simple background: $15

Detailed Background + Pose: $20

Concept art: Might fluctuate based on the complexity of design and how far you wish for me to go (rough sketch, cleaned uplineart, colored, shaded etc.), but I do ask for a base price of $15.

Coverart/Compositions: Might fluctuate on the complexity, but I do ask for a base price of $20.

Additional services might be available, you just need to ask via Fimfiction PM or Deviantart Note.

Stories to Do (With Summary)

Christmas Dazzle: While they still lack their magic, Sonata suggests a night on the town for a shopping Spree. Adagio agrees, but only if they choose a bachelor.

Holiday Special (New Timeline): Taking place after Friendship Games instead of Rainbow Rocks as the "mainverse" suggests, Sci-Twi is given trouble when an internet user by the name Anon-a-Miss posts information too close to heart.

Rainbow Rocks/Friendship Games (New Timeline): Both stories featured back to back, can the Rainbooms accomplish victory again as they have in the "mainverse?"

Equestria Girls: The New World

Dapplewood: Fight in the Shadows

Aria and Sonata Adventures

Monsters of Everfree (First Chapter April 7th, 2018)

Equestria Girls: King of the Monsters (First Chapter August 1st, 2018)

I Seirina kai o Titanosavra/The Siren and the Titan Reptile (February 2018)

Bunny Blaze Phase

Adagio's Hair Piece

Untitled AppleGrove Story (unsp. February 2018): First mature story.

Crusader in the Half Shell (Summer 2018)

Raymare: the Great Escape (Rayman 2 Parody)

Tales in the Afterworld

The Pagemaster parody

The Fashionista who Loved the Dragon (HMS Pinafore parody)

Sharknado/Lavalantula Equestria Girls (Shark Week 2018, July 23rd.)

The Thief and the Cobbler parody

Possible Transformersverse crossover

Possible Jongojiverse reboot (current placeholder name "Equestria Riders"): Set in a world ten thousand years after an interdimensional mass extinction on Earth, the world is now dominated by several of these said beings, chief among them are a group of equid-anthropes that partner themselves with non-sapient companions. A "story bible" might be written.

Canned Stories (Ones up for Grabs)

Titan After Equestria (Titan AE parody)

Jet Force Gemini Crossover

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