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Applejack and Caramel shipping be free to write some stories about these two <3

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I find I can never ship Spike with the mane six for some reason. The age gap just cripples me.

i prefer applespike. but hey, just me

Does anyone even know where this ship came from????
(I still love it! lol)

Hey thank to majesticPoniesEverywhere's comment I was able to work out the link so here it is my first story :ajsmug::heart: The Awkward silence

379639 thx ill do that

378877 Copy and paste the URL. Go to the buttons at the top (B, I, U, S, T, etc.). Then click the one exactly one to the left of the little box thing with the tiny image of a sun and mountains under a blue sky. Just to make sure, check if the picture box is right next to the YouTube button. If it is, go back to the left of the picture box and click that. Then paste your URL and add text if you want.

LOL. Sorry if it was too wordy. I get like that sometimes. :unsuresweetie:

hey i haven't finished yet but to all you Applejack and caramel shippers i've wrote a story called That Awkward silence.:ajsmug::heart:
Ps sorry I don't know how to do a link so you'll have to search it yourself

Even though this shipping makes absolute no sense, I can't help but love it to death! I'm glad there's a group like this! :ajsmug:

whoo! finally found a group that does caramel X AJ! whoo so happy!:pinkiehappy:

359769 I'll see what I can do.

358603 yeah hey can you do me a favor can you spread the word about my club please it will mean alot to me :pinkiehappy:

358003 yea thank you so much it means a lot that you are joining my group :pinkiehappy:

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