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My Little Epona

If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off....even if that hand has perfectly moisturized skin and a manicure that cost you an arm and a leg.

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My REAL name is Katlyn Lydia Erkling. (Sue me. I lied. That's not my real name.) My nickname is Kat, and my birthday is November 12th! My age is 2,000 years old, and I live in the USA.
My favorite colors are silver, black, and teal.
My OTP is FlutterCord!
My favorite Mane Six is definitely Yellow Shy. My favorite princess is Luna!!!! My favorite background pony.....hmm. It's a tie between Derpy, Octi, and Vinyl.
I'm OBSESSED with video games. My all time favorites have to be the Legend of Zelda series and Splatoon, both of which my life revolves around. If you don't know what Splatoon is....check it out! It's a really awesome game!
If you do know what it is...........stay fresh, my friend. You and me are a rarity. (Well, here at least. Not in Japan.)
My favorite story on FiMfiction is Good Morning, Beautiful by Scoots2. Cheespie forevah. (you know, that as well as FlutterCord) I also love Zelda\MLP crossovers, and my favorite one I've read so far is Equestrian Epona! It's REALLY GOOD. I would definitely recommend these two stories!
Stay awesome everypony!

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AO3 · 10:06pm Last Tuesday

After a long time of thinking about it, I finally decided to get an AO3 account, and I posted my first work today!

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Thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the welcome!:pinkiehappy:
*creaky voice* Ah, you young un's have it easy!

Thanks for the watch and welcome to the site!

Also: you're 2,000 years old? I'm 438!

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 162 - 166 of 166
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