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My Little Epona

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Octavia Melody finds a mysterious radio station that always plays at late night. The music haunts her....she can't get it out of her head.
What secrets does this station hold?

(Afraid I can't take credit for this idea. I literally got it from a random comic I saw in a youtube video.)

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Haven't read it yet but based on the description I have a pretty good idea what comic it is.

wonderful a perfect 10 out of 10 imma save this to my reading list

aaaaw, thank you for your kind words! That's very nice of you. :twilightsmile:

like honestly its got a top spot in my favorites now and it will stay there
right next to A Winters Rose and Diaries Of A Madman
any hoo imma move on maybe in can find more like this bye

Very nice and enjoyable short story. It piqued my interest at the beginning with its creepy, yet somehow calm atmosphere and held all the way through. Really good job on the flow and pacing! I have seen stories of similar concept before, but well, I could say that about almost every tale.

One small thing that bugged me and constantly drew my attention away were the faulty ellipses—they should contain exactly three dots (...), no more, no less. Just a minor nitpick.

Thank you for this read!

Wow, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy this so much. This was heartwarming to hear! :twilightsmile:

One small thing that bugged me and constantly drew my attention away were the faulty ellipses—they should contain exactly three dots (...), no more, no less. Just a minor nitpick.

Yeah, I tend to do this a lot. It's because I always add as many dots as the pause is inside my head.......it's a bad habit.....I should get out of it.....I'm doing it now.......:facehoof:

You’re welcome! It definitely brightened up my evening :twilightsmile:

It’s a useful rule to remember. Especially if you ever submit your story for a review or some kind of contest...

I like it, but it would be better if there could be a sequel.

Truly, spontaneous things are the only ones really worth writing. This is impressive. Only a thousand words, but not a single one of them is excessive. Elegant and simple, like all ideas should be expressed.

Wow, thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

Nice atmospheric piece; reminds me of when I'd watch paranormal videos and listen to radio shows about the supernatural late at night.

Thanks for the comment! (And the fav!)

Nice, it is sort of a cliffhanger, the place she was at towards the end though, the place where every room is the same, I had an idea about that once. It is a special place, every time you go through another door it is another dimension, an entirely different universe. I might write a small fanfic about it at some point. Anyways, very good story for being short, really makes it feel mysterious. That ending by the way, it’s like the bad ending that isn’t explicitly shown to be the bad ending.

Calm and creepy

I don't know what inspired you to write this story, but this was very well written. Keep up the good work.👍

Fan made ending-
Octavia listens to the beautifully amazing music. But then, it stops, it abruptly ends right in the middle of the song. She realizes what she has done. She stole her friends bike and drove away from her. Why did she do this? She ponders why but ultimately she doesn’t know. She removes the headphones and turns around to the door to leave but there isn’t a door, there isn’t a window, not even a vent. She’s trapped there, without the music. It was for nothing. She puts the headphones back on and waits, for at least a little bit of sound. But nothing will ever come, the song was finished. No one remembers her now, she has faded away as her own song has been complete. (Ok, I know I suck at writing)

Actually.........that's really cool.

OMG!! I know what this is! I know what you're referring to! I love that comic! The art is phenomenal! Great twist with adding Octavia on it--and I love how your story tracks so closely with the comic. Very good. <3

Those are always the bad nights. And they;re followed by even worse days.

But I really came back to this story, because awhile back, I was yearning to reread this story, and I just so happened to have fallen apon it. For the words, the lyrics of this story are just so mesmerizing. :twilightsmile:
I would love to listen to said station sometime if I were to ever come to Equestria.

Please send me a link. Thank you!

May I help write a sequel for this story? Sorry for tons of comments, too.

Pardon my language...but this is fucking terrifying.

Well... I'm pleasantly surprised. I've always wanted to write a horror story, but never thought I could actually write something even remotely scary. XD Thanks for your comment!
Omigosh I am so sorry for not responding earlier, but I didn't get notified for your comment. :/
Yes, of course you can write a sequel! I would love to see that. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, then! It could be a work effort sometime!

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