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Well Geboren

Words are fickle, action is exemplary; thus learn by example, and compare the words to action.

Nyx is best pony to Luna, and this is best song, cause it makes me cry happy tears. Nough said. :)

Youtubes done a stupid and took down the original animation by the Duo Cartoonist, here's one with a lyrics edit. This one even has a download for it so be sure to save if you can.

My warriors oath.

I shalt defend the weak, young and old.
white, black or other.
From hatred, malice and intolerance.
Of tyranny, oppression and greed.
For truth, justice and freedom.
In the rights of tolerance, peace and harmony.
I guard the force, and the force, guards me.

The answers I got from each quiz I did on play buzz

#1:What Kind Of Karma Do You Have?
You have Wild Karma! You're here to experience, explore, break rules, go crazy and live life to the fullest. You've suffered enough in past lives, and now its your turn to have fun! Your karma has given you plenty of opportunities to live it up and we say: keep it up! You have a true wanderlust and you're always ready to try something completely different! Never hesitate to experience something new because your karma is all about adventure and exploration. The more you explore, the happier you'll be! Are you ready?
#2:What Is Your Brain Actually Good At?
You have a philosophical mind. You tend to ponder big questions and are driven by your desire to seek the truth. You are fair minded and are able to see the “big picture” - your evaluations are invaluable.
#3:What Kind Of Energy Do You Have?
You have Psychic Energy! We get the feeling that there's a certain sixth sense you're harboring. Or maybe you haven't unleashed the most supernatural side of your energy source yet? If this is true, then we think it's time you explore this! You're typically in tune with your dreams and tend to go with your natural instincts, allowing you to maintain that air of mystery and intrigue we all crave in our personal image. Friends and family often come to you for your gut feeling based advice since you're usually right about most things. Your motivation doesn't necessarily need a specific driving force or purpose behind it either. Why is that? Because you go with flow and possess the natural ability to trust yourself from within, and this is a quality that many people desire. Your ability to sense things before they happen is uncanny, but the way you can also pick up on another individual's vibe without immediate communication is even more impressive. Examine your potential "Third Sight", and see if you can let it loose!
#4:What is The Color of Your Aura?
A red aura is one high in energy, which shows that you may have some unresolved anger or fear. However, it also shows that you have a lot of strength and passion, which will help you resolve any conflicts. This passion can be in relation to romance as well, as a red aura signifies that love is an important factor in your life.
#5:What is The Sexiest Thing About You?
You have a core belief system that has shaped you into the sexy individual that you are today. The fact that you stay true to what you stand for ignites a fire in others and is by far your sexiest feature! All that passion makes you irresistible and unforgettable. You are going to attract other individuals just like you!
#6:What are your 5 dominant personality traits based on your visual preferences?
Your 5 dominant traits are: Spiritual, Emotionally Intelligent, Charismatic, Analytical and Grounded. You are very in touch with your senses and read other people very well. You are hungry for adventure and excited about life, but you are also very humble and sincere. You are a great problem solver and have a balanced perspective about things.

That's all of them for now, I'l be doing more of them in time.

Extra Bio,

Hello my fellow pagasister's and brony's, and how art ye doing this day an age? hope your doing well if ye found this page.:ajsmug:

I am a study'er (I.E.philosopher) of the natural, moral and metaphysical wisdom's.
I'm a novice prep'per on the side, mostly just knowledge build up, but I do practice some self defense when I can.


Need a proofreader? I do some of such work on the side here, if I have the time and you have a story and/or just a chapter you want pre-read before you post it, let me know and I'll see about spotting your errors.


Wondering how I came about my persona's name? Well, my middle name is Eugene, which is the latin form (German spelling) of the greek word Ευγενιος, which means Well Born; hence why I (use to) call myself on here Sir Well Born. I recently looked up the word for born in German and it's Geboren so yeah.


(Edit, moved from icon bio 5/24/16)Never assume you know what's next, for it can change on a dime. The improbable is always possible, no mater the odd's. You don't know pain, till you feel it inside you.

(Moved from bio, 8/19/17.) I'm always looking to give advice, wheather in world building, or something else. So send a PM if ya wish to talk laddie/lassie, I'm always open for a good chat. :)

(Moved from bio, 9/14/18.) Sticks an stones my break my bones, but words shall never harm me; and while the truth my be painful from time to time, it shall always set me free. (Salute to all you guys an galls out there. :)

(Moved from bio, 5/7/20.) Love is the life blood of thee living force; to not embrace it, to scorn it, is only to harm thy self.

I suggest to others

Stories I'v proofread and or are proofing

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*Eye roll* Yer welcome, smut peddler.:moustache:

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Yer welcome, I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Thank you for the watch, that means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

if you like Zelda\MLP crossovers, you should check out this group:

Oh I got it, haven't read it yet.

I hope you got notified for the newest chapter today. I had someone tell me they didn't get the update

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