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My Little Epona

officer i dropkicked that child in self defense


Link wakes up in the middle of a field outside of Ponyville. He has no idea of how he got there--last he remembers he was in Hyrule.
But with barely an explanation, he's plunged into a crazy adventure with his newfound friends--an adventure that will save Equestria.

Proofread by Well Geboren

EDIT: Featured October 12th. Forgot to add that till now. XD
Featured AGAIN on November 30th! Woo!

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This is interesting so far, wonderful job.

Agreed, intresting. Most MLP/Zelda crossovers have Link with most if not ALL his abilities and gear. This start intrigues me. And FYI, that's not easy to do with me.

This. Is. EPIIIC!~ :rainbowdetermined2:

I caught something for ya, and if you'd like a proof reader I'm but a PM away.:pinkiehappy:

Where he was used to seeing….well, his own body, he seemed to have taken on "an" equine form.

Add the an.

Well this is turning out to be a hoot, I look forward to the continuation.

“Can….I help you?” Link asked, his voice cracking with disuse. It made him realize he didn’t know how long it had been since he last spoke.

Yes, it's been too long that all I remembered was his 'heiya!' Smash sounds and the infamous 'well excuuuusee me, princess!'.

Also, at least Link woke up with a some of his stuff is missing and not say, in a cave naked with an embodied voice telling him he slept for a century.


thx so much! I'd really appreciate an editor....I edit all my own stuff, so I tend to miss things. I'll let you know when I have my next chapter written--still working on it!

I see you're featured on the non- mature board.


>no m6
that opportunity had its ten-foot-wide ass in the air and somehow you missed it

.....................what? apparently I'm still missing it.

Now you're on the proper feature box! Congrats, it's not often we get a good LoZ story on this site. Only one I can think of off the top of my head is Azure's Power of Freedom

bruh what about The Equestrian Wind Mage

Well, I did say off the top of my head. It's been way too long since Wind Wage updated. Been 6 months since an update, and a year before that

i mean the first one
the others get way too dark

Also, would love to see the masks appear in this story* :pinkiehappy:

*Since Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time where Link tries to find Navi

And here is links dialogue: ..............................................................................

can you give us a link to the art please?

wish I could, but to be honest I just searched "mlp loz Link and sages" on google, and then used a good picture I found XD


I know I'm so surprised I got on! I honestly was not expecting this many people to read my story :twilightsmile:


9877637 Apparently, Siravant’s last blog says that he still lives in Needles and internet sucks over there.

Found the source!

Also, I've got a feeling your user name is trying to tell me something...

There’s a few spelling mistakes and a sudden perspective shift, but the biggest problem I have is the pacing. Link meets three characters way too quickly, and Lyra contributes nothing to the rest of the chapter. You could have saved her for later.

This reminds me of a fanfic about Epona in Equestria that I loved, but it was cancelled early on.

“I have a map that’s enchanted.” He said. “Whenever I come to a new place, it automatically documents it. But now….”

I’ve never seen someone try to explain the in-game maps before. Interesting.

Heh, poor OoT Link isn’t used to physical transformations yet. This should make a fun story for his descendant in TP.

A new Zelda cross? Nice!

“WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HUMANS?” The strange, horse-like creature flung herself bodily at him, crashing into him and knocking him down from his already precarious perch. “ARE YOU A HUMAN???? YOU WILL TELL ME RIGHT NOW!”

... his first encounter with a pony is Lyra, oh my... :trollestia:


Second... is Pinkie Pie... :pinkiecrazy:

The pony, one with a purple coat, a horn, and…..were those wings? Well,never mind that that right now…..blinked as Link started gathering the spilled books for her.

And the third is Purple Smart... poor Link, three for three. :yay::trixieshiftright::pinkiehappy:

“What’s your name?”
“What? Oh, it’s Link.” He said.
There was a moment of awkward silence.
“Link….” Twilight said, waving a hoof. “Link what?”
“Just….Link.” He said.

Actually, Shigeru Miyamoto himself has stated that Link's full name is: Link Link. :moustache:
I'm serious by the way! See from 1:18 to 1:28

Nice start, will be looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

I can see everything you're talking about--I do tend to have a problem with perspective shifting, and I'm working on that. Also, the pacing will (hopefully) slow down a bit once I really get into the full swing of the story.
And actually, Lyra was there for a reason. She comes back later.......:trollestia:

Light spirit: "Oh, you're a wolf? Well, your ancestor was a pony!"
Link: "..................what?"
Midna: "Wish I could've seen that....."

Curious to see what happens next

what about the story where epona was applejacks's mom?

How does it feel to be on the featured after only the first chapter? Not being sarcastic by the way.

I'm honestly really surprised! I had no idea that people would like my story so much. I'm very new to this site, so it feel pretty great! :twilightsmile:

This is really good. I can't wait for more


“Um….a friend.” Link said, keeping his words vague.

“His name’s Tingle, you probably wouldn’t know him. He spends a lot of time looking for fairies and floating by balloon.”

“Tingle’s a funny name!” Said Pinkie.

“Or if you know the king, you can feed a Fishman and he’ll draw a map for you.”

“A what with a who?” Asked Twilight, confused.

“Sounds like a fair trade.” Nodded Pinkie.

Now this is interesting. Looking forward to the next one!

Man, I wish that one would update.

I'm guessing Navi will be a Breezie.

Oh, I like this, into the favourites you go.

Nice! Great short and sweet intro that doesn't get too crazy right out the gate.

heirs hoping that he can get it back or use something else in it's places i cant w8 to see who the ponies react to power of the songs

I knew that from the characters list, but she doesn't do anything in this chapter.

Why did you reply to my comment?

No, she WAS in the chapter for a reason. And the reason she was in there is why she comes back later. You'll see.

Because you were talking about the in-game maps, and I had the thought of just *who* Link might have brought up. And Tingle, while a legitimate answer, isn’t someone I imaging link wanting to mention. Or the Fishman.

Ocarina of Time Link? Bleh. Navi is as bad and annoying as Fi is. Midna is the only good companion Link has ever had.

Yeah, she really is. She had the best character arc of all time. Navi was just...whiny and obnoxious. I don't mind Fi as a character, but in the game.......she was so, so annoying.

And a fic over on Fanfiction.net, The Strength of Courage, does a pretty good job of giving Midna and everybody else even better development. At 82 chapters though, the story still isn't done sadly.

I'm guessing this is a post-Majora Link, rather than between OOT and MM?

Interesting so far... Can't wait to see the next chapter, although I do have to complain a bit about humany-Lyra, I've never really liked that version of Lyra, but otherwise, it's an interesting concept... Though I will need to brush up on my LoZ lore again, It's been over a decade since last I played an entry in that series.

Interesting so far, but a note as to which Link this is would really help. Clearly not Breath of the Wind or Wind Waker Link, but which one?


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