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My Little Epona

I sat outside for 15 minutes yesterday. Yeah, that's enough sunlight for the next week or so.


The unexpected has happened to Rainbow Dash--she's given birth to a Unicorn! She's completely lost on how to take care of her new magical child, so she turns to the resident magical expert--Twilight Sparkle. Twilight's so busy with her royal duties that she didn't even have time to visit her friend in the hospital, let alone help her raise her children!
Well.....she's got to try, hasn't she?

Cover art by me

Ship warning: This fic supports FlashLight. If you don't like that ship, there's no need to start a war in the comments.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 8 )

Wow this is pretty good so far can't wait for more.

Comment posted by FreddyGodX deleted Oct 3rd, 2019

I know this is going to sound maybe a little crazy, and maybe I missed this detail somewhere, who is RD's husband?

Soarin. I think I mentioned it in the first chapter. XD

So how did a unicorn result from 2 pegasi?

Again sorry if I missed this detail

Maybe they have Unicorn ancestors? 🤷
That's my best idea. XD

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