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Solaris Vult

Hello, I am your resident fantasy engineer! Here to come up with the strangest of technologies, craziest of contraptions, and magical of machines!

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Sorry for not being around much, kinda lost intrest in MLP. · 12:16am Dec 27th, 2020

But, I'm trying to get back into the fandom, oddly enough, getting Hearts of Iron 4 and playing with the Equestria at War mod is what urged me to come back and make this post, regardless, I hope to get back into fic writing, going to work on some of the other fics that I've neglected, namely the Harry Potter crossover, because I finally got copies of the books myself and am reading through them... Don't expect anything for a while though. Happy Holidays.

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Well there is no perfect stories out there, people will always read them differently than you or I do. The pleasure of being a writer is shaping your stories on the way you see them and letting everyone else see what you mean.

I guess... I keep on taking my own stories down because I'm never happy with their quality.

Lovely profile and stories, Solaris.

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