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Love unicorns? Look no further! This group is all about celebrating our favorite unicorns of Friendship is Magic.


1. Story must feature a unicorn/Alicorn

2. You can put as many stories as you want, as well in multiple folders, as long as it's in the right category

3. Earth ponies and Pegasi are family! Never foes!

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Twilight Sparkle is best pony

-sees Sunset Shimmer in both the banner and information about this group- :heart:

Guess I had to be here, due to all the many Unicorners my stories are containing.
406249 Hmm, they do?
406310 Do you by any chance have a link to the group?
406315 all Corns, Uni, Allie and even on the cob *giggles*.

Butt alas, now I need to pick out a few stories to sort into the herd. I don't want to swamp the group.

406310 Sure, all Alicorns are welcome here.

I have a group called the crystal corns, it's dedicated to unicorns, alicorns and crystal ponies. I love all that kind of thing. Anyway, does this group accept alicorn OC's?

406249 Because it's needed :pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2:

406247 XDD Why do all my unicorn stories feature draconequus too?

Awesome group you have here!

Blaire and the rest of the Skims approve.

Wait a minute! What about alicorns? Do they count?

Discord: "There, there, Twilight. We have our own group, remember?"
Twilight: "We? What are you talking about?"
Discord [laughing]: Why our own ship group of course!"
Twilight: "That's not the same thing, bakka."

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