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Violet Shade

Just a girl who conquers other girls and makes them hers!

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  • TTwilight's Revenge
    Twilight didn't get her letter to Princess Celestia on time and has been kicked out of school. Obviously she is angry and while she is angry that her friends never took her seriously, it is the one who kicked her out she wishes to exact revenge on.
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The Real Violet Shade is Back! · 2:51pm Aug 17th, 2021

Well I decided to delete the last two Violet Shade stories so I can go back to being myself!

I deleted the one involving Twilight Velvet because who the fuck wants to actually commit to anypony, right? I might try and take her again sometime in the future but for now, I will be sticking to other mares. Now I might go after something pink before too long, something very sexy!

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Thanks for the fave.


Thanks, it looks like a fun group.

Welcome to the “Reviews of MLP: FiM” group, Miss.

Thanks for the fave.

Thanks for the fave.

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