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Welcome to Twilight Sparkle's Library! This group was founded by Lavender Spirit and Lavender Spirit will be the only pony posting amazing stories, but Lavender & her crew agreeded, that if anypony has a story they would like to be added, you or any other pony can type in the author and story title in the comments. All of the amazing books and stories here at Twilight Sparkle's Library are approved by her. (of course!) We hope you enjoy what we have to share and offer with everypony, but we do have some rules when it comes to posting:

1. No swearing

2. No cyberbulling to anypony

3. Not too long of a comment

4. Only positive comments

5. Most important, have fun!!!

Please share Twilight Sparkle's Library with everypony and on social media. We hope you enjoy our group that we put lots of effort in. Thank you, and please join.

Also, please share us with everypony here at FIMfiction because:

1. Lavender Spirit, the author of Sunsets that Shimmer, has been using her time working on amazing stories shes going to share with everypony, why should they go to waste?

2. We love discussing amazing stories for everypony and giving them quick acsess to their favorite stories here at Twilight Sparkle's Library.

3. It takes time for Lavender Spirit to create and find stories that the members of Twilight Sparkle's Library like.

4. All of our stories we share and post with everypony are either fun or sad, funny or not, adventurous or a slice of life, and we organisam them by genres, which takes time.

Also, we have an extra folder, not a folder titled with a type of story genre, but it is a folder with Lavender Spirit's favorite stories, and also another extra folder not titled by genre or Lavender Spirit's favorite stories, but a folder dedicated to Lavender Spirit's stories she wrought herself such as Sunsets that Shimmer.

Twilight Sparkle's Library is a group here at FIMficyion, so if you either share Twilight Sparkle's Library with your family, friends, other relatives or any type of social media, we are a part of FIMfiction, which means, you can't share Twilight Sparkle's Library unless it is under the FIMfiction title, no other trademark.

Twilight Sparkle's Library has a code for commenting. Here at FIMfiction, my little pony emojis are available for commenting and writing stories, so we have a code for the emojis, or a list of all the my little pony empjis here and what they symbolize or mean. The "Twilight Sparkle's Library code for commenting" can be found below.

:twilightsmile: Twilight smile or happiness

:facehoof: Twilight with a hoof on her face or annoyed

:twilightsheepish: Twilight sheepish or not so sure of things

:twilightoops: Twilight accedently did something un needed

:twilightblush: Twilight blush, emberasment or just blushing

:twilightangry2: Twilight is angry with something or sompony

:moustache: Sike with moustache or a silly emoji

:raritywink: Rarity is winking, good luck, or good fortune

:duck: Rarity is either impressed or maybe acting glamourous

:raritystarry: Rarity is looking starry or you're daydreaming (?)

:raritydespair: Rarity is in despair, hurt or some sort of pain (?)

:raritycry: Rarity is sad or possibly hopeless

We are sorry, but due to certain and very spacific problems, Lavender Spirit's code for my little pony emojis for the original Twilight Sparkle's Library group, we weren't able to acsess the entire code but hope that later we can post it in our discribtion.

Twilight Sparkle's Library was founded by Lavender Spirit and has some editors, writers, and local ponies who are memebers of Twilight Sparkle's Library, so please don't share us unless you aren't going to lie or fib and allow Twilight Sparkle's Library to be shared as founded or created by somepony who isn't Lavender Spirit.

Most images used here at Twilight Sparkle's Library can be found on google or possibly yahoo!

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Question: Is this group dead?

O M G in the House... YO!:pinkiecrazy:

Both of your guys' stories should be now on Twilight Sparkle's Library... :unsuresweetie: Hopefully that ain't no lie.

You can check what Twi is up to in my story when she needs to save the world again, but first she needs to save her tail after Spike accidentally sent it to Celestia! Read it hear (so far) at The Amulet of Shades

Author is me, Sparkle Cola

I would like one of my stories to be added

Fable War and Diplomacy

it's my first story so it may be a bit bad but I don't really care


have fun:twilightsmile:

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