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For countless ages I’ve have seen and heard so much through out all of time itself.


Short Story: Beast of War, Chapter One · 8:44pm Feb 15th, 2022

Darkness.. all I could see was darkness.. and in that darkness I can hear a ringing as it grows louder and louder... within the ringing I could hear screams of women and the cries of children ringing loudly as it became unbearable for me as I try to cried out hoping they would stop but they never did making them more unbearable to listen to. I cried out again but I couldn't hear my own voice as if I didn't have a voice at all as the screams and cries rang in my ears so loudly that I couldn't

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Thanks for the watch. =)

Thanks for the watch. May I ask how you got interested?

I red one of your stories and it was pretty good

Thank you so much for the watch! May I ask how I earned it?

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