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For countless ages I’ve have seen and heard so much through out all of time itself.


Metal Grinn’s story · 10:10pm Sep 3rd, 2018

*no one ever realized till they have found blue prints and sketches of the same building but strangely it showed that there was an extra rooms along ago for some reason while looking at these blue prints.*

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Because nobody... Even cared and decide to hate my stories because it was fun for them...

You won't need to... Because I'm done with making stories....

You wouldn't believe how much I've heard that before. I'll reiterate my previous offer I would be happy to read them and review them regardless of how crappy you think they are. I write over on fanfiction.net and the stuff I've turned out I've thought was totally horrible crap it took time and many negative reviews and flames but I found people who enjoyed my writing. With their help I improved my writing. Its gotten to the point I would post here if I felt confident enough in my ability to portray the mane 6 and some of the other characters accurately. Don't give up or you will never advance and improve your skills. I'm willing to help you.

  • Viewing 112 - 116 of 116
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Drawings I've made free hand

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