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Rainbow Dash1014

Hi my name is Thea I'am 10 years old my favourite My Little Pony character is Rainbow dash

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Clearly can’t you get this is a girl’s name! :rainbowlaugh:


I’m a friend of her and she can still look at her account I might tell her what you have said and because her account has been banned she is broken-hearted and if you mess with her account I will kill yous :pinkiecrazy: (kill you it's a joke) but yes I will tell her.

Actually no, not speaking from experience. Just saw that it was just the two of us commenting here and the user wouldn't be logging back in (though they can come back and look at it via their alt). You're right, there really aren't any benefits to chatting on a banned account as opposed to a PM, because the account is still visible.

Sorry, Thea.


Y'know, I just realized banned accounts make for pretty decent unbiased conversation boards...

It sounds like you are speaking from experience. I don't find myself commenting on banned account very often, let alone finding them. I guess it provides a means for a pseudo-private conversation, but I see few benefits to conversing over comments not included in PM or email.

I think it's an interesting thought, though. I actually found this account moments after stalking my one friend on here. Wondered who might have followed him recently. Naturally, I visited the first page that I saw was banned. :rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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