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This group is all about horses and MLP. All stories have to include Horses and Ponies. No humans allowed in stories. So basically, this group is for all horse lovers and MLP fanatics. Keep on loving horses and My Little Pony! :):P And please, PLEASE join my other group called Flutterdash!

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hi!!!!!!! it's me Rain!

No I don't love your group just joking

Hi Thea, I'm making a new group called Flutterdash! :scootangel:

Join my group The my little pony fans I'm talking to Kunama Skydancer

Sorry just showing off

I'm Rainbow dash!Punch holes in the sky!I hate losing.Hello?Aww ya!No need to fear your trusty nauogber hood Rainbow dash is here

Hi Edana hope you like my baby Rainbow dash avatar

Comment posted by Rainbow Dash1014 deleted Jun 16th, 2017

:yay: I hope you like my group!

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