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The Downfall of the Northern White Rhinos. · 9:02pm May 8th

On March the 19th, the last male Northern White Rhino died of an infection in his back leg. The only remaining rhinos are two females. So begins the untimely death of the rhinos. :raritycry:

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Fine then! I'm telling you!

I don’t have an owner. I’m an owner of myself! 🐶

You EVIL puppy! I am telling your owner!

Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, I've been rather busy. My reasoning is this:
a) Spike with wings would make him feel more like the dragons from The Badlands, and honestly? Most of them aren't that great.
b) If Spike had wings, wouldn't that be like making him a dragon alicorn? We already know that Ember is the boss of the dragons, so what would that make Spike?
c) I guess I'm being a stupid, nostalgic person who is obstinately against changes like that. I mean, we all knew Twilight was going to be an alicorn (eventually) buuuuuuut Spike? Why would he have wings?
d) I want Spike to have earned it somehow. If he hasn't earned it, like Twi, I don't want tosee those wings.
e) It'll make him feel less familiar, and less... Suited to the role of Twi's #1 assistant.
f) In my mind, there has been too much change to MLP: FIM recently. Lay off the change, Hasbro!
So there are my reasons. Some of them are rubbish, some are okay. But bear in mind; I am really nostalgic just now. No clue why.

  • Viewing 184 - 188 of 188
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