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Applejack may not admit it, but after a long day's work in the apple orchards, she enjoys kicking her hooves up and reading a good book. And nothing beat reading Apple Bloom a bedtime story when she was younger. So, if you've got a book, feel free to add it here.

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:yay:Hi hihihihihihihihihihi!

404559 That seems like a perfectly reasonable consequence. :ajsmug:

Sorry, but all comments such as yours must be filled with the group's Head of Stupid Questions, as depicted below:

All people who ask stupid questions must bring a muffin and $6,789 when going to submit their question or face the following consequence:

404549 Now that was uncalled for. :ajbemused:

Comment posted by Epsilon-Delta deleted Aug 26th, 2017

Finally! A library for AJ! :ajsmug:

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