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FEAR ME! · 9:22pm January 27th

At long last, I finally, truly HAVE THE INFINITY GUANTLET, the Power, Soul, Time, Space, Reality, and Mind Stones are mine to command!

However, there was one small problem: the Guantlet was too heavy. So, I used the Stones to turn the Guantlet into a necklace. Behold, the Infinity Pendant! The pendant of a God! (that I actually bought from Amazon for $10.)

Current Schemes

My Creed

I found this beauty on fanfiction.net. No idea who made it, though. But, nonetheless, I take this creed as my own.

Today, writers are scorned because of those too unversed to know.

Disdained, because of the those too ignorant to believe.
Despised, because of the realists who are too afraid to dream.
Misunderstood, because others are too unsure to try.

But we, as writers, know them to be wrong.

A writer is a person who dreams.
A writer is a person who wishes.
A writer is a person who escapes.
A writer is a person who lives.
A writer is a person who is not afraid.
A writer is a person who strives.

A person who expresses.
A person who believes.
A person who understands.
A person who knows.

I am a writer.

I dream of a world where anything is possible.
I wish for a world where war is just a myth.
I escape into a world where I can predict the future.
I live in a world of joy and mystery.
I am not afraid of the world I create.
I strive in the world where others give up.

I express myself in ways others dare not try.
I believe in things others are too afraid to trust.
I understand things others cannot, in a way that others cannot.
I know, in ways that others deny.

My favorite lines and quotes

"Guns are a coward's weapon. What are you without your side arm?" *gets shot by Lance* "A guy with a spare."-Dark Archer Stick and Detective Quentin Lance, Arrow

"Tell me, what does one do after such a spectacular, public failure?" "One adapts. One evolves. One becomes intent on reversing one's fortune."-Wade Eiling and Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, The Flash. (words to live by in my book)

"Failure is the fog through which we glimpse triumph." - Aldrich Killian, Iron Man 3

"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the chesse."- Aldrich Killain, Iron Man 3

"We create our own demons."- Tony Stark, Iron Man 3

"Revenge is underrated, that felt awesome!"- Dipper Pines, Gravity Falls

"'The Shack is hereby signed over to- SUCK A LEMON, LITTLE MAN?!'"-Gideon Gleeful, Gravity Falls

"Everything is different now."- Dipper and Mabel Pines, Gravity Falls

"Remember: Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE!"- Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls

"Just this morning my mosquito bites spelled out 'beware.'" "That says 'bewarb'."- Dipper and Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Yes, yes! Burn the child!" Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Hi! My name's Betrayus and I'll be your dictator today!"- Lord Betrayus, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

"FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!"- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"I am so proud of me."-The Once-Ler (and me), The Lorax

"Lightbulb."- Gru (and me), Despicable Me

"You have a big gun, you are not 'The Big Gun.'"- Tony Stark, Iron Man 2

"I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by."- Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

"You know, at the end of the day, Summerween isn't about candy or monsters. It's about when the whole family can get together to celebrate what matters most: PURE EVIL!" Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Try not to hit any pedestrians!"-Wendy Corduroy, Gravity Falls

"My wisdom is both a blessing and a curse."- Soos (and me), Gravity Falls

"Thumbs up, indeed, my friend..."-Gideon Gleeful, Gravity Falls

"Studies show that keeping a ladder inside the house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns, in case some maniac tries to sneak in a ladder."- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Sometimes I wonder: is life just a cruel joke with no punchline? That we're all just biding our time until the sweet release of death?"- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"You think you can outwit me, boy? I'm Sherlock bleeding Holmes! Have you seen my magnifying glass? It's enormous!"- Wax Sherlock Holmes, Gravity Falls

"It's funny how dumb you are."- Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls

"When life gives you lemons, call them yellow oranges and sell them for double the price."- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Ever since the Mystery Shack shut down, I've had to take a bunch of part-time jobs; Bus Driver, grave digger, really awesome cook. Hey, is the kitchen supposed to have that much fire in it?"- Soos, Gravity Falls

"You don't believe me? I will text you a photo!" "'Text' me a 'photo'? Now you're not even speaking english."- Grunkle Stan and Gideon Gleeful, Gravity Falls

"When there's no cops around, anything's legal!"- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"I've never had fishing buddies before; the guys at the lodge won't go with me! They don't 'like' or 'trust' me."- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Sounds like something a responsible parent wouldn't want you doing... Good thing I'm an uncle! Avenge me, kids! AVENGE ME!!!"- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Don't worry, brother; whatever happens I'll be right here, supporting you every step of the-- OH MY GOSH A PIG!"- Mabel Pines, Gravity Falls

"Dream big, you'll get big! That's the winner's way!"- Grubba, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

"Help! I'm trapped in the game! It was cool in theory, but in practice it was really boring!"-Soos, Gravity Falls

"I was born free...but now I'm expensive."- a sign I saw in a resturant once

"If it's not one thing, it's your mother." - a sign I saw in a resturant once

"Bad spellers of the world, untie!" - a sign I saw in a resturant once

"Hey! You done good, you got all the leaves!"- Mater, Cars 2

"What do we do?" "It's very simple: You blow up." - Lightning McQueen and a Lemon, Cars 2

"Whatever you do, do not eat the free pistachio ice cream. It has turned."- Mater, Cars 2

"Durn it, I wish I had a neck."- The Cowboy Guy, Soos's Really Great Pinball Story. Is that a good title? Do they have to be puns or whatever?

"Prepare to meet yer maker, kids! Mah maker is Ballway Games in Redmond, Washington."-The Cowboy Guy, Soos's Really Great Pinball Story. Is that a good title? Do they have to be puns or whatever?

"I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule."- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Bad coat!"- my little brother after kicking a coat and hurting his foot

"TV: It knows what I want."- Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

"Finn McMissile, British Intelligence." "Tow Mater, Average Intelligence."- Finn McMissle and Mater, Cars 2

"Now that's how I like to start the day: you'll never feel more alive than when you're almost dead."- Finn McMissle, Cars 2

"Charlie! Why won't you interview me?!"- Mabel Pines, Gravity Falls

"Your dad was giving exploding pumpkins at the office!" "Have you ever been any help?" - Spider-Man and "Bob," Ultimate Spider-Man

"Get away from P- uh...from that random kid who we do not know personally!"- Power Man, Ultimate Spider-Man

"Comedy violation!" "Flag on the joke!" "First down, Doc Ock, resume play!"- Referee Spider-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man

"I'm only here because you promised bacon."- Grunkle Stan, Mabel's Guide to Dating

"My grandmother was right! I'm the world's most perfect man!"- Soos, Mabel's Guide to Dating

"Dearly Beloved, we be gathered here today TO NAIL YOUR GIZZARDS TO THE MAST, YOU POXY CUR!"- Hector Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

"This is madness." "This is politics."- Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

"My heart will always belong to you." - Davy Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

"This party never stops! Time is dead and meaning has no meaning! Existence is upside down and I reign supreme! Welcome one and all to WEIRDMAGEDDON!"- Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls

"Like Grunkle Stan always says, 'When one door closes, choose a nearby wall and smash it down with brute force!'" Mabel Pines, Weirdmageddon III: Take Back The Falls

"Esteemed gentlemen of the United States Supreme Court, I urge you to reconsider your decision!" *Surpeme Court Babies babble* "Very well. But who would you have replace me?" "Mama!" "That old crone?"- Quentin Trembly and the Supreme Court babies, Gravity Falls

*gets shot in the chest by a machine gun, but is unharmed* "I should be dead! Thanks, happy pill!"- The Joker, Injustice: Gods Among Us

"Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue!"- Applejack, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

"The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them." ~ William Clayton

*decks Lex Luthor in the head with an Ecrisma stick, knocking him out and cutting his evil monologue short* "He was done."- Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Injustice: Gods Among Us

"You push that button and eight million die." "Eight million and two, darling. I was going to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance, but now that you're here, what say we have one last dance?"- Batman and The Joker, Injustice: Gods Among Us

"Good evening, Troops! This is General J here, with a quick update on what's going on down here in Arkham City. As you can see, I'm looking much better. In fact, ohhh, I think I'm looking better than ever! Ha! Oh, I can hear you all now: "How did this happen?" "Can I get me some of that crazy cure?" "Oh, I want answers, damn it! NOW!" Well, here's the thing. Answers don't give you everlasting satisfaction, sometimes you have to brace yourself for disappointment. Now think about it. Imagine your favorite TV show. You've been through it all. The ups, the downs, the crazy coincidences, and then: BANG! They tell you what it's all about. Would you be happy? Does it make sense? How come it all ended in a church?"- The Joker, Batman: Arkham City

"Let's just say I'm Frankenstein's Monster... and I'm looking for my creator."-Magneto, X-Men:
First Class

"I am vengeance!" "I'm Batman."-Red Hood and Batman, Injustice 2

"That. Felt. Good. Titanium composite hollow point bullets with a C4 kicker. Fastest, most explosive ammo in the world. I made them myself. With the invasion over, Bruce and Superman started fighting again. I wasn't down with either of them. On the one hand, the Regime's right. Scumbag murderers and rapists deserve to die. But on the other hand, I'm no fan of government authority. Especially the dictatorial variety. So while the World's Finest fight each other, I fight for the people. The weak. The innocent. Anyone who can't protect themselves. When they cry out for a savior, I'll answer. As for the criminals who threatens them? They need to know that their actions have consequences. That the Red Hood is coming for them."- Red Hood, Injustice 2

"What in the Goddamn...?" - Benny, Fallout: New Vegas

"We seem to be... experiementing some techmological differences..." Unknown, Idocracy (apparently)

"Pop quiz, hot shot!" - Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 1

"This is the greatest plaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!"- Charles Calvin The Henry Stickmin Collection

"Oh shit!" *goes back inside Eddie* "Wait, where you going?" "That is a red one!"- Venom and Eddie Brock, Venom: Let There Be Carnage

"Mask!" "Copy!" - Venom and Eddie Brock, Venom (2018)

"Traitor!" "Have a nice life!" - Riot and Venom, Venom(2018)

"PARASITE?!?!"- Venom, Venom (2018)

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Are you ever going to update the gravity falls crossover story?

Hello, Hope you doing okay. I was wondering if you're going to updated the Evolution story.

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