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Oh no, Discord broke out of his stony prison! Quick, write a fanfic about that!

If you are not much of a writer, don't be shy, and add other people's fanfics to this group.

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Can you add groups of before he was stoned

I would like some love on my story Fallen From The Stars. Discord is a side Characters in my story. And I think this group is the prefect for my story.

If you ask me, Keep Calm and Flutter On only adds to the legitimacy of these sorts of stories.

Discord? Reformed? Yeah, sort of. Besides, all that means is that he and Celestia can work together to cause chaos now! :trollestia:

(And if you think Celestia doesn't like chaos, keep in mind that she did wreck her own gala on purpose way back when.)

Finally, I found a group made specifically for this idea. :twilightsmile:

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