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She's the element of laughter, the life of the party, and dedicated to spreading good cheer to everypony she meets.

But that isn't all that Pinkie Pie is. She has a full spectrum of emotions, just like anypony else, and she seems to show (and feel) them more strongly than most. And sometimes, it seems as though writers, both among the fandom and on the show, forget that. Instead, Pinkie is frequently written as little more than a manic goofball, who spouts non sequiturs and is constantly out of touch with reality.

This is a group for those stories that treat Pinkie Pie a bit more seriously than most. That's not to say these stories should be devoid of comedy, or restricted solely to Dark or Sad fics, though they will have their place here (though the "serial killer Pinkamena" interpretation is often nothing more than an equally-flat reversal of the "manic loon" standard). But instead, the aim is simply to highlight those stories that give us a more complete character, and not a one-trick slapstick pony.

To keep this from just becoming a group for every Pinkie Pie story on the site, folders will be moderated. Add stories to the submission folder, and if admins or contributors feel they meet the standards of the group (decently-written and feature Pinkie as a well-rounded character rather than a simple source of randomness), they'll be added to the appropriate folders.

Rinnaul here. I'm still the only admin, and I'm no longer particularly active in the community. So scratch all of the above. I'm just setting the folders to unmoderated so the group has at least some functionality.

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The story I'm writing Too Sweet a Deal is Pinkie is a fully fleshed out person.

She has some mental health problems but she is like everyone else and sometimes feels like she is seen as flat and that makes her feel lonely

Aww... Thanks, everypony. It's nice that you see me as more than just a party pony. :pinkiesad2:

Yo, none of your admins take anything out of the Submission folder.

Pinkie Pie is my favorite character! And I am glad that she is taking more seriously and not just seen as a pink pone who likes to party all the time! :pinkiehappy:

So,if I made this story about a Portal 2 crossover with Pinkie Pie basically replacing Chell would it belong in this group? If yes than which folder? Just to be sure.

The fact that Pinkie Pie is a little out of touch with reality doesn't make her poorly written, nor is it fair to say that part of her character is OOC. Yes, she can go through a range of emotions like everyone else, but I always thought part of Pinkie's charm was how she was "in her own little world". It is also one of her character flaws, but over the seasons, she has gotten better and more aware. She has a different way of thinking than everyone else, and that's perfectly acceptable to me.

I have two stories based around Mrs Pie. One is random but the other is a bit more indepth. I hope they are to peoples/ponies liking

Well, I'm glad some share this opinion (but why only 43 brilliant individuals? :pinkiesad2:). Pinkie is flanderized much too often in the show. There's so much more to her character. I'm definitely submitting my Pinkie story here, once it's passed its final moderation. :pinkiehappy:

I don't know who put my story, Lost and Blind in this group, but I'm glad they did. I'm pleased to see a few others on the site have similar ideas about the Pine One. :pinkiehappy:

I joined this group to put my Pinkamena/Pinkie story, What My Dark Half Is Telling Me, in the sad section when I discovered that someone did that already.:pinkiehappy:
Whoever did that, thanks!

Hmm. I'll be interested to see where this goes. To me, one of the challenges is actually balance--keeping Pinkie's sense of humor and bubbliness while handling the other elements as well. Sometimes writers go overboard, toss the Element of Laughter, and turn her into an OOC drama llama.

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