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This is a group dedicated to Pinkemena. No. Not the cupcakes pinkemena, I'm sick of that fanfiction. I want to reveal the true Pinkemena, the depressed Pinkemena. The depth in Pinkemena's character is incredible, and to ignore something like that, and simply assume shes a maniac is so wasteful. Pinkemena has a problem, its true, and you can interpret it any way you want. (I, personally, think she way have Bi-Polar disorder.) We all have our own opinions. But those in this group believe that she is not what many portray her to be. She's just a lost, sad pony looking for a friend.

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The only thing that bothers me about this group is that there's only the "tragedy" folder.

Not every story involving Pinkamena is a tragedy. A tragedy is a story that despite all efforts, the characters do not receive a happy ending. I'm pretty sure that plenty of stories have Pinkamena receive her happy ending (turning into Pinkie or not). Could you please rename the folder to something more neutral or at least add more folders with different subjects like "Romance" or "Adventure" or something?

I'm fine with seeing more non-evil Pinkamena stories, but that one thing keeps me from submitting The Rock Farmer's Daughters, as that involves Pinkamena and is not a tragedy.

These Pink icons looks as if they could illustrate Scores of stories, where she is sad or depressed.

I think I could list a few good reasons to how Pinkie Pie is acting.
The Bi-Polar could be one.
I could see her as post-Stress as well, if you look back at the depressing life she had before she threw her Party. This resurface on occasion, when something pulls out the deamon of the past.
You could see her as having a split personality as well. When she isn't the normal Pony, she goes into either Hyper or Depressed modes. These leads to her doing these things, not just being meeen, but throwing crazy parties and what not.

Unless she is depressed, she is just as generous as Rarity and just as kind as Flutershy, these just are not her elements, just consequences of her hapiness. Generosity and kindness makes for a better party pony, wouldn't they?

sometimes, there is a Pony or other who sets her back on the Jolly path, if not, she goes out on rampage or wallow in her deression. Yet, as meen as she may be, she isn't unreasonable. not even in her darkest moments. Party of One showed this.

375270 The mane problem withCupcakes is that she slay her best friends. why does she have to go out and kill her best friends? What level of insanity would have her this deeply deranged and disturbed?

375462 I sec9ond this too. Best cure for a pink depression is to thuroughly demonstrate your care for her.

375605 She is Iconic. such a happy go around. She seems to be a good frined for Pinkie and Pinkamena as well. I am sure Derpy and dinkie are both her friends as well.

375634 That day will be monumental. I hope I live to see the day.

388116 Pink as sad/depressed sounds closer to Canon. Yes, we do need this group too.

388268 She can be quite the meenie, when she tilts to the wrong or depressed side. I doubt Canon will ever go deeper in these tendencies. Friendships always win the day, and for Pink more so than any other Pony.

I have to say, I like the cupcake thing. BUT, I also really enjoy the actual Pinkamena.

About time some made a group like this. I'm sick of making Cupcakes jokes....

Its a good thing that derpy is your spirit animal. One day she will turn into a god and make you immortal.:derpytongue2:
Your icon is magical! :raritystarry:

375598 :eeyup: Derpy is my spririt animal.
Love your icon! Vinyl rocks!

375462 Yay! Hugs! Hugglepuff! Let's do that!

You and me both :applecry:
Lets all just bury Pinkemena in hugs! :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

Yay! I HATE the Insane Cupcakes thing.

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