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This group was made because I got sick of the idiots on this site bashing her and saying she is unshippable because she is annoying. They just don't understand her.

Protect Pinkie Pie Its a protect pinkie group i am a part of on DA.

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How could Pinkie Pie posibly be unshippable?

She is the very definition of shipping, Canon even shipped her with her mailbox.

On the note of shipping, what kind of ships are we looking for?
If it is Friendship, she is basically shipped with the entire of Equestria and then some.
I have several stories where she lives in one relation, or the other, in one form or the next.

354361 Chill out why don't you. Not everyone likes Pinkie. I personally find her a bit scary. Like 354403 said, you have issues.

You have some serious issues. Pinkie is to you, what Bieber is to beliebers.

And that seriously isn't a compliment

354360 I've found Pinkie is best with a character who offers her a contrast. When you pair Pinkie's random humor with a deadpan type they play off eachother, and the result is hilarious.

pinkie ships are best ship, because shes insane and unpridictable:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

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I've found she's quite shippable.

Especially if you pick a partner that's as crazy as she is. :pinkiecrazy:

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I'm joining this group not because of its purpose but because I love to join groups for no reason.

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