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Marcellus Jones

Just a connoisseur of fiction. All shapes, all sizes.

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My name's Marcellus Jones, you can call me Marc for short. I've been a closet brony for a while now, but I'm just now discovering the fanfiction side of things. I was expecting it to be really gross and cringeworthy. Some of it is, but a lot of the stories I've read so far have been really creative and funny.

I'm happy to be here and I hope to see you guys around the website.

I personally believe Applejack is the best pony out of the Mane 6, cuz that's my homie. I got mad respect for her grind, her hustle, and her work ethic. Mad respect. Big shouts to Pinkie Pie as the close second tho cuz that nigga's crazy.

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